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YouTube Banner Design Project Custom Styles With Shapes (Creative)

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March 31, 2022

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Video Transcription: This course is brought to you by Appy Pie as part of our Academy series welcome back we will now be doing a second YouTube channel art designed for this course okay although this design is going to be a lot more in depth and unique compared to this one here because this one was quite a simple one to design but this next one it's gonna be a lot more complicated a lot more high-quality of a design okay none of this in this video I have pre-planned it's all being done from scratch straight from my creative mind well it could be creative I'm not too sure but straight from my mind and straight onto our bank canvas all we want to do is click add a new page so we might be using layout I'm not too sure but what I'll be doing is making it a lot more customized okay so you'll be learning some very cool things in this video so stick around so first of all we can have a look at elements so there's many different elements we have photos grids frame shapes lines illustrations so so much okay to much to even think about all of these ones with a little crown next to them are because I have the pro version so just remember that there will be 30 days free for you and then it'll be $12 95 a month okay so that's fantastic it's not too expensive it's not cheap but it's also not too bad so it's okay really I would say okay so here we have shapes let's have a look at these shapes okay so we have some squares some circles triangles ovals okay so many different shapes here stars so there's many many scroll down and more will load in so it's fantastic so what we're going to do is just click on the very first one which is the square and I'm going to show you a few different things that you can do with it okay so to begin with we're going to start with a black and white background so let's just put this in the back just here just so you can see half of each of the circles which guide the shape just about they're not exact but it's kind of so you can just see the shape it's in the corner so then click it and click control D like so and what you can do then is just put this one as a white square for this example I'm showing you you can just use your own creativity it's different for everyone everyone's more or less creative than everyone else and yes hopefully you know I'm trying to say so what you going to do is instead of just doing half of it I'm just going to make it as half the size that it was and then just putting it here like that and I'll make it a bit smaller like so and I'll Center this one in here so there we go now you just have a random black square with a white hole in the middle of it type thing so that's quite cold and then if you add some more squares in the other side let's make these slightly different okay that's what we're going to do now is just flatten them to make sure you are holding shift rather than not holding shift it makes it a lot higher quality and a lot more precise when you're making it smaller okay so that's fantastic little tip for you there so let's take that on there ctrl D duplicate it and then hold shift again and rotate and it'll put it in the perfect rotation there we go and let's just Center this one here and then you can really just use your own creativity it's really really up to your own creativity so let's duplicate it again and just turn this to about here this is just something I've fought off just off the spot okay so there we go put that in half and now you can see that it needs to be up and that way it's had more okay so for this what I'm going to do is just hold shift and just stretch out that way like so there we go and there we go so there you go as you can see it looks quite cool it's just got a random line through the middle of it you can then duplicate that again and hold shift and move it round like that and then move it up this way a little there you go and now it's just the white stripes you can see with some triangle type shapes it's quite random okay this is all up to you obviously what I'm doing you don't have to do and what your order hanging I don't have to do it's all up to your own creativity of course everyone has their own creativity everyone has their own mind - everyone thinks of different things so as you can see this is a little tiny bit out of shape so we need to do to make it different is to make it aligned and then hold shift and make it a little bit bigger sideways okay so then it's like that let's just move it this way tad there you go so that is quite cool it's just really up to what you want to do okay let's just grab this and as you can see we can then click delete and now let's add ourselves a circle so let's take this circle make it a bit smaller put it in the very middle of the image and now we're going to add another circle we're exactly the same make it a bit smaller put in the center and then change the color to white of course we can use any colors we want part ways using white right now and then what you want to do next is really up to yourself so teaching someone creativity is impossible so what you need to do is just teach yourself find your enough career okay it sounds difficult but don't worry after sometimes just playing around on here you'll think of something so look I think this looks quite cool you might hate it okay it's different for everyone if it looks cool let's grab it and just resize it like so so you can put it bigger or smaller like that and their finger resizes together and that is fantastic okay so then you can just put anything away if you want to so there we go now we've got like a nice moon shape so if I then change the background color like so there we go you can just see a nice moon there you can no longer see those circles so there you go it's crazy really it just looks really cool the different things that you can do this just look amazing really so there's that we have over there so let's just grab this one and make it white and now you can actually see it and then put this in here and there you go so now what you can do is then duplicate this one and bring it down here make sure it is arranged and forwards and there you go put it like that a load of coins on top of each other or two moons the next week so it's just whatever you see is your own imagination okay it's impossible to teach someone their imagination and their creativity so whatever you can see in your mind you can design on your blank canvas okay so it's fantastic so here we go this is our little design we've got so far what I'm going to do is duplicate some of these so ctrl D and then I'll put this down here and they'll control D again and put it in this corner on like so and once more and put it in this corner just here so this is then a few different things I've made in this video and basically I just want you to play around of elements and shapes and lines don't forget lines and all these different things as well because you're going to come out of something absolutely awesome okay so then if we just put this here and then I'll move this to here and then just to placate that so what I'm doing here is just straight from my mind I don't know what I'm doing I don't cou what I'm doing I'm just thinking of it and then just moving things around honestly there's no skill involved in this it's all up to your personal creativity so let's just then turn this around and plop this in here there you go and then duplicate that oh and then that's you duplicate it control D sorry there we go and then move this to here and hopefully line up if you ever want that there we go and look we've made an awesome border now so we see this just here what we could do is have it as a letter so if you have your own creative mind you will see it looks a little bit like wait a second if I control D and duplicate it it now looks a little bit like an M just a little bit so this is something I thought it'd look good could look quite cool so yeah that's just what I can see from it I think it looks a little bit like an M so I'm doing is removing the white circles to the left slightly making sure they are still aligned like that and if we move it to the side now there you go so now we just need to go after this black one here move it to the right and there you go so now it kind of looks like an M can you see that hopefully you can see that and you can just without even using text you can create something amazing so obviously it's all up to your own unique styles which you can see I see different to what you guys see and you go see different YC so you guys could think this is absolutely awful but I think it looks quite cool now this obviously isn't a YouTube channel banner vine now what you have to do is actually add something to it so for this let's just say let's delete these circles over here and let's go to shapes and then let's add in ourselves nav Square and from here we're going to let our creativity through heat there's a bit of free so we can have this as black or white let's have a look at black do I like that let's see click off of it I think that actually looks better is white okay now you might think it looks better as black you see I'm saying everyone sees things differently what would you want to do next I don't know but what I think is cool is to change things up a bit so let's add in some other shapes or make this slightly different so let's take this Square turn it round make sure it's centered let me just delete these for a second make sure it's centered grab this and just duplicate it and put it here and make it black oh not blue black duplicate it make it white there you go okay so I'm going to make myself a little pattern just here and I will come back when I have finished okay so what I'm doing is duplicating changing the color duplicating change of the color moving it there okay so it's simple as that [Music] and there you go so I'm going to do one more in black like so and as you can see that looks absolutely fantastic so I'm now going to grab all of this and just plop it on here like so okay and of course that last one there there we go how cool does that look okay so some of them I haven't done perfectly you can see there's a bigger gap there than the wrists down here but that doesn't matter I can obviously redo that and put it better in just a minute but that doesn't all matter at all so as you can see I can just change that make it so it's a bigger gap or a smaller gap but there's nothing to worry about really it's not really too important that it looks amazing because it's easily edited just like so so there you go all you have to do and if I just duplicate this one what you could do is put a square the other way round just slightly smaller inside each of these so you see this so it could look like that so there's many many different things you can do so what I'm going to do now is just add some text let's just add a heading let's just type black brick training that's you know I'm suin type like brick not training and then I'm going to have a look at a few different styles we have here this one doesn't really suit this design we've made here let's have a look for a more blocky on so this one here possibly yeah that looks like it could work but it's a bit too wonky I'd say really so it's very important that of course you pick a perfect front for what you're designing so now let's just take this and just Center this so that is now centered and we're gonna make this font quite a bit bigger let's say 72 and now just put this into the middle of the file fantastic okay so it's in the middle the file but the font is a little bit too big at 72 so to put it back to 64 Center it and there you go okay so we have the squares just here which overlay each other make them look like a bow is fantastic we have the squares which are rotated which would look like diamonds I suppose in here so that looks awesome as well you can make it bigger or smaller like that and I'm just gonna click ctrl Z and undo that we have the one just here which looks a bit like a diamond and it's a bit bigger than that one so that looks quite cooled and when we have these over here we have the border which we actually made on our own which is fantastic and so on and so forth so there's so many different things that you can do if comfort is unlimited this is just shapes all we've gone on this video is shapes there's so many different things so now I'm going to take some triangles and just go like this like so and have each of these triangles just to the top of this like here so let's take this one duplicate this move it to here make it black and so on but first of all it's going to go to the edge there you go so let's change this one here to be black duplicate move a cross and put this one it's white so this one is white this one needs to be black white black and then the last one is white so that looks fantastic that looks quite cool as well now you could do that same thing and just move it up slightly like soap there we go there you go and that will look like that or you could have one facing up and then one facing down like this there you go one facing up one facing down one facing up one facing down and I'm actually going to leave this last one is it doesn't really fit in and they go so there's another design type there's so many different types of designs you can doing this is so cool it's absolutely amazing so I'm going to do now is just delete this and duplicate this so that this side is the same on both sides like that that looks bit up and then we're going to delete a few of these like this there you go and I'll just move this up tiny bit just to about there and then I'll just duplicate this one more time and put it here duplicate this one and put it just here fantastic so let's just Center this again there you go let's see we've done one we've done the border so that's one style we've done the squares over this graves over here so that's another we've done the text so that's another we've done the triangles up here so that's another we've done the squares over here that look like arrows so that's another so we've done so many different things and looks awesome of course you don't want to do it all in one design you want to stick to one design style in one design so just this around the outside or just this in the corners or just this around all of the edges of the border but I've done all of these just so you know what you can do as this is just the beginning of infinity different designs you can create okay so that's fantastic I hope you enjoyed this video and let me just change this font real quick because I hate this one so let's just have a look for one more and of course if you do have the pro version you can click upload your own fonts so you can find one online which isn't already on canva because that is absolutely great so let's just click onto this one here there you go that could work there's not many fonts which I like on here to be honest let's see this one yeah let's just leave it as that because I'm trying to the video now anyway so hopefully you enjoyed this video and hopefully you learned a lot and I will see you in the next one to teach you even more so yeah that's that that's all for this video thanks for watching thanks for listening I hope you enjoyed it and I will see you in the next one goodbye.

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