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YouTube Banner Design Project Colorful (Easy)

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March 31, 2022

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Video Transcription: This course is brought to you by Appy Pie as part of our Academy series hello and welcome back so we have now designed some awesome YouTube thumbnails so now we are going to design some YouTube banners so let's get straight into it so first of all you want to do is go to canva.com and then at the top go to create a design and then as you can see the top ones here are the most popular ones that I use but if the youtube channel art isn't there for you just click more and then wait for it to load and then scroll down to social media let's see which one it is going to be at let's see it's going to be at social media and email headers and then look for YouTube channel art this one just here so click that and let it load okay so here we go this is our YouTube channel art blank canvas all we want to do now is design the channel art for our youtube channel so that is fantastic so it all starts on what your channel is all about of course so my channel is about tutorials gaming all sorts of different things so it's quite difficult for me to pick one to be honest so what I'm going to do is just have a look through all of them and see which one I like most and then I can change it to my own customizations and to my own perfections to see what I would like and what I don't like about it and just make it perfect for me basically and you were to do the same for you so what I make now won't be perfect for your channel arts but it will be perfect for me as I already know what my channel is about what you make will be perfect for your channel as you know what your channel is about so you want to pick one of these which is best representing your YouTube channel okay so just keeps going down all of the layouts and just pick the one you like the most and just keep in mind these ones that have a dollar sign next to them will cost you one dollar and you'll get a license to use them wherever you want so that is fantastic so don't worry it's just one dollar for an awesome design that is no problem at all but if you don't wanna spend any money just look for the ones which are free of course so yeah that's fantastic so let's just keep looking now and seeing which one we can choose so let's have a look around like so okay so there's many many different options which is fantastic but I think for this YouTube channel we are going to go for let's see to the door the annoying thing is the fact that there's so many different options it makes it difficult of course to pick your own and it's funny cuz all the gaming ones say gaming with Anthony and that's what my name is so that's quite funny okay so let's just see that's food so if you're cook channel you could choose this one here I guess if you are a jazz channel when you do music you can pick this one here and so on and so forth if you play the piano you can pick one of these ones so is there's something for everyone it's fantastic okay so let's see what we can pick let's just keeps going down there's something that looks good okay so that one looks quite cool let's have a look at this okay that's quite cool and just bear in mind with a youtube channel or YouTube Anna whatever you want to call it it will only see the middle section so about that much of it will be seen on the computer and you will see even less if you are viewing on a mobile phone or a tablet for example an iPad so you will see say for example from his elbow there all the way to where it says rock and pop music and you'll just be a square that's smooth so the amount you will see off the channel art will get smaller and smaller depending on how big or small the device is okay and finally if you're watching or looking at the channel form a television you'll see the entire design so that is why it is this size is so that it can work for a TV a computer a laptop a mobile phone anything but you just have to make sure you are designing in the correct guidelines okay and that is why if you type in Google Images YouTube channel art template you will see all of these different templates that have been made which show how much you'll be visible on desktop mobile tablet desktop and of course TVs okay so that just shows you how much is visible on each of the different devices okay so that is very very helpful if you just have a look at some of these it shows you the exact sizes that are visible but I don't really use these because I've made so many I don't really need to look at this okay so we're just gonna go now back to canva and create our design but if you need to you can download one of these to help you with your design process to make sure that you of course design with the right guidelines so this one here I would say is the best one so it shows which is best for mobile and computer and tablet and of course a max size or large monitor on your desktop computer and then of course TV which will show everything so that's fantastic so yeah let's close this and go back to canva okay so here we are back at canva so you have now chosen the template which you want to run with the layout template where if you want to call it and you now want to begin the design for okay so the first thing you want to do is remove or rename at the text which is already here or of course rename the title of your file okay so we're going to name this YouTube channel arts like so and then hit enter so that when you design it will be youtube channel jpg or PNG whatever you download it as so that's fantastic and now you need to change the text change all of the text change the images change the background whatever you want to change okay so if I go down here it's a background you can see that I can change the style of the background that won't change this image it would change the border as the image is in front of the border okay hopefully you understand I'm trying to say there so that is very nice and easy just click ctrl Z if you have moved something you can move it back to where it was and then to change the background all you need to do is click on one of these background designs so that is fantastic but if you just want a white background just click on white just here and it will continue and stay as a white background that's fantastic and then of course if you change the colors so you can just pick like this any color that you want to use so if you want it to be a bright and bold YouTube channel you can do something like this and then go to your text and click copy and then put it like so and then change the color of the front one or back one whatever you want to change a color off and then it will make it look like it's got a shadow effect like this and the background color is a different color and it pops okay so that's fantastic and then if you want to change the color down here of the smaller text you can go like this and as you can see I've actually changed the wrong one so it exhibits silly like this the smaller text so you might not want the smaller text to be duplicated so if that's the case just remove the top layer of it and then put back the text up here so that is duplicated still and there you go so you've got Jonathan Perkins rock and pop music okay so of course I am NOT Jonathan Perkins so I don't want Jonathan Perkins image on there so let's remove that and put a nice new image on here we can put any image we want and you can also download images form some image stock websites online if you want to so that is awesome as well and of course you can do any style of text that you want you can create your own style like I just have you can change the font and do the same thing and of course you can change the image filters like so so we can change to a different filter or create our own filter by just changing the blur and things like that so if we blow out the background and focus on the text just here so if I removed that text there one more thing to note is of course what I have just said you will only see the center okay so that's very important to take note of so as you can see right now you will only see that text on a television okay a TV screen so you want to move it to the center like this and then of course I'm just going to change this text to let's just put it as black quick training or black brick as I don't have any ideas of what else I could change it to so let's just do that it's nice and simple I'm going to copy that on there and then paste it into this one like so there we go and just make it so they're the same size and center this one here like so that's centered and then we're going to Center this one just here fantastic well we don't have to send to it of course we want to put it wherever it looks best so that looks very very nice so that is awesome and then many youtubers do this thing where they have this so they have YouTube and then their URL for their YouTube channel so /black brick if it's asked or anything like that so what we're going to do is look for the snapchat logo right now like so and just add in this logo just here make it very much smaller than that as way to victors there pop that in just here let's have it above actually and then have the text copied and all we need to do now is go to duplicate this like so copy there we go so we've got another one here and make this into a more of a blank text okay so this one here for example and then we want it to be a lot smaller so eighteen something like that and then we want it to be a smaller box around it so let's just make that smaller by using these just here there we go and on snapchat we are at black brick so let me just add that there so you know what it means and I'm going to actually put this as the blue color which we have just here okay so let me just do that now for you is it this blue color yes it's fantastic let's just pop that in there like so and then we're going to do Twitter Twitter enter and you just want to do the same with every single social media like on which your company has okay so let's just do this with Twitter real quick fantastic pop that in next to it and then just copy this I'm just going to do ctrl D when I have the layer selected and then you're going to duplicate it and then that on Twitter we are black brick learn and I think we're actually black quick learning snapchat as well sort of change that NDA iron that's learn and then let's just put that in there let's just copy this again paste this over here so they both have that black brick learn fantastic and now we need to move all of this along there we go so this is one thing that many people do they make it so that you have all of your other social medias on there as well as it looks really really awesome okay so if you don't like the yellow you can change it to something else but I do quite like it so I'm going to keep it as yellow as it looks it pops okay I like it I like it a lot so that isn't of course I logo so people might get confused when they see it and they might think it's a fake Channel and it's not actually us but it is us so don't worry we're not actually going to put this on our channel forever we're just going to put it on our channel for this one video so that we can show you what it looks like okay so we've got a black quick learn app black quick learn for both of these and then we'll finally add one more and that can be Facebook okay we could add Instagram as well let's see okay so Facebook let's just add this one here let me see is it got rounded edges like the others yep fantastic so for Facebook all we are going to do is the slash instead of app we can do slash as it's double WWF ace book comm forward slash and then our page name okay put that in there I'm just going to really quick move these icons on here okay so I'm gonna get this background out the way and just select these icons just here and move them all to the left alright okay so we've got a few different lines lining up here let's just put it there okay awesome so let's find this image backup now fantastic and now we're going to add Facebook so for that I'm going to duplicate this like so ctrl D when you have it selected put it here and then have it so that is slash instead of at because it's facebook.com/ forward slash and then our Facebook page name okay so here we go I have copied it is facebook-dot-com forward-slash blackburg training fantastic so now if I just make it so it's the capital B for black brick and a capital T for training as it looks better in my opinion if you don't like it you don't have to do that for yours but I am going to do that for ours because I do like it okay so there we go we have at black brick learn at black brick learn and /black brick training so of course you can change the color of this to anything you want so we have a darker blue there you could add a red color a gray a green anything you want but we're gonna keep it as the yellow as it matches with the snapchat logo and I like the yellow in the background and just it just goes well together it complements each other I'm not too sure about the color of this text here I'm going to see what it looks like as white let's have a look oops into that again and it's very good to note that these purple lines if there's one across the middle and one across the top in the center it means that your image is centered your image or your file say for example this let's just put that back there as you can see that shows that it is centered so that's fantastic okay so there we go this is our design we're now going to change this back to blue as this just doesn't seem right in why I don't think so let's just change it back right now and one more thing if any of your text doesn't look too visible you can of course change the font change the color change the transparency as you can see just here the transparency you can put up or down and things like that so that is fantastic to note and if you want to put it all in caps just click this little button here like so but I don't like that in this font so we're gonna leave that as it is so now it's the time where you want to click download and then download as JPEG and then click download so there we go you will now see hold tight preparing your design and a little quote below that so it's quite nice to look at and read while you're waiting for your design to download ok so fantastic it has now downloaded so let's click it now and have a look at it so it looks awesome I love it it looks fantastic absolutely love it now the one thing I might not like is the fact that this blue text it's a little bit I'm not sure about it a little bit dodgy but I'm not too sure so now we're gonna go to our YouTube channel and put it on there to see how it fits ok so let's hop over to our YouTube channel now ok so this is our YouTube channel all you need to do is click this into a pencil icon just here and click edit channel art ok so click that now and then I have a drag a photo in or select it from your computer I actually have my downloads folder just here so I'm going to do is to drag it in like so into there fantastic so now let's let this upload here we go and it shows exactly what it will look like on desktop TV and mobile so you can adjust it by clicking this button just here and auto enhance it by clicking this button in here but we're just gonna click adjust real quick to see how it looks and then from there just click devices preview and as you can see from what we've designed it fits in on desktop and TV but it doesn't quite all fit in on mobile ok so that is something to note so if it doesn't fit in mobile people that view your YouTube channel on mobile might not see as well as people that view it on TV or on desktop ok so now we're just gonna click select and then it load in like so and here we go so this is our design now one thing you have noticed is that there's white borders on the left and the right now that is because what we use the template we used had white borders around the entire design to fix that let's go back to the design and resize and move everything so that will fit even better ok so this is what I do every time I make a design I just go back to youtube upload it see if it fits go back to canva make a few tweaks and things like that to make sure it looks perfect ok so let's go back to canvas right now ok so here we are on canva all we need to do is just enlarge this image just here like so so that it covers your entire background fantastic okay so now you won't have those white bars and then we're just going to select this just here and move it down a tad and then select all three of these like so and then move them down as well now if you remember on the mobile the left of this didn't fit in and the right of this didn't faint ok so all we need to do is shorten it so it all fits in so what we're going to do for this just make it simple we're not gonna make the text smaller we're just gonna have black brick learn and our snapchat below the rest of it ok like so Center that in just here and then these two will be at the top like so so make sure you've just got this selected there we go and then make sure you've just got this selected there we go so have them just there and this just here like so and you can also make changes so say for example you end up thinking that you don't want the Facebook one here all you need to do is to select it like this and hit delete so I'm just gonna actually delete that from here right now just to make this design nice and simple for you guys to follow along with so there are no issues or anything like that so now there will be no issues this will all fit on a mobile device this will fit on a computer this will fit on a TV a laptop a tablet up to the everything ok so hit download once again and go to JPEG and hit download fantastic so now your file is downloading once again and now we'll go back to YouTube once it's downloaded and upload it and you'll see the changes that we have made ok fantastic suppose that lets finish downloading real quick awesome so it's downloaded now just click that and you can see that there it is ok so it closed that now and I'll bring YouTube back and we can now upload it to YouTube ok okay so here's YouTube again all we need to do is click this little edit button and go to edit channel out again and then drag in our design we have just made so this one just here for one next to it because it's the most recent one there we go drag that in like so let it upload right now click select as we know that it's going to fit I'll let you going to auto enhance it real quick and then let that load fantastic there we go and then hit select and just watch the YouTube channel art at the top here and you'll see the improvements we've made there we go so it goes all the way from left to right you can see that all of the different icons fit in and we know that it will also work on mobile laptops tablets televisions everything ok even on your computer so absolutely everywhere this will look awesome ok so that is our design we have made it's fantastic it's also it's easy and it's quick and it's well anyone can do it and it's free so it's fantastic I hope you enjoyed this video I hope you learn a lot and I hope you had a great time I will see you in the next one good bye.

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