Learn How to download your designs from Canva

How to download your Designs from Canva

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March 31, 2022

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Video Transcription: This course is brought to you by Appy Pie as part of our Academy series hello everybody and welcome back so in this video I'm gonna show how to download your designs that you have made in canva that is canva.com that is the website you will be going to and this is the video where I'll be showing you how to download all of your designs ok so I'm going to give you a few different examples for example jpg PNG gif all of these different things and we're just going to be downloading them and I'm going to be showing you how to download them okay so is as simple as that so let's just get straight into it so first of all we're gonna go to this one just here and click on it I'm edit note and in the top right just here we're going to want to click download like so and as you can see you have many different options you have jpg PNG PDF standard and PDF print and the bottom you have animated gift slash movie and it's experimental so there could be some issues so make sure you just know that because if you want to do a gif there may be some problems as it is new to canva and of course with new things there's always bugs the actors just remember that okay so of course a JPEG or PNG with PNG you can download of a transparent background if you have one but as you can see this is not a white background this is colored with a sort of texture on it so we do not want a transparent background or JPEG you can always download as a JPEG image that's awesome and then we have PDF standard PDF print so if you want to email it to someone you can email the PDF standard but if you have to print out the file you have downloaded you can print it out as a PDF print version okay and we'll be looking at animated gif slash movie later in this video so don't worry about that so it's gonna click JPEG recommended and then hit download so here we go we'll just say hold tight pony or design and then you'll get a nice little quote at the bottom you can read there and then it would just be downloading your design in any second now as soon as this bar gets to the end okay so that's awesome okay there we go it has now downloaded so what you want to do is click on that file and there you go so you can see your file has been downloaded that is fantastic and that is of course in a JPEG format you can see jpg in the bottom left of my screen just here black brick jpg so that is fantastic so now let's go back to this image and click download once again and now let's go to animated gif slash movie so let's click preview animation here we go so it's preparing and there we go so you have six different animation styles so you have rise bounce slide block 3d and fade and a quick note this is only in the premium or pro version of Karon vivillon I call it and that cost $12.95 per month so that it's just something you want to note as obviously you will need to pay for it but there is a free 30-day trial if you want to try it out and see how it is so at the moment I have the free 30-day trial and that is what this is like okay so you're going to want to pick the one that you want to download so let's just pick this one here wise and then you can either download it's a movie so that will be an mp4 file or you can download as a gif snappy dot gif okay so let's just do download as gif and then afterwards we'll come back and do download as movie so that we can compare the two so let's hit this button now and this is a gift which we are downloading okay so it's just going to scan the entire file and make sure that it is working correctly for us and as you can see is animation gif at the bottom left just here so let's click that now and here we go so this is it and there you go so that's that so if we close that now and click download as a movie there we go so it's just going to scan it once again and this time download it as a mp4 file okay so there'll be no sound it would just be the video but it will be mp4 there you go so animation dot mp4 so let's click that one and there you go so there's actually lower quality but as you can see it's an experimental stages at the moment so there's nothing to worry about there okay so just close that and then of course you can choose any of these different styles you want but ya just need to follow what I've just showed you and it's as simple as that okay so now let's move on to the final one we're going to do and that is PNG so for that I'm going to show you how to download it with a transparent background okay so I'm going to delete my background right now as you can see this is a transparent background if nothing on it so we're gonna click download PNG and then tick transparent background so let's tick download now let's click that button here we go hold tight preparing your design fantastic and then we get a nice little quote here creativity takes courage and that's by someone called Henri Matisse so that's quite cool and now we have it downloading so there we go black brick dot PNG and there we go so all you see is the B so if you have a look back at the file the only item that is visible is the B and if you have a look that it's because it's a PNG so the entire background is black and there's nothing there so as you can see all of this text here is black so you're not going to see anything so hopefully you understand what I'm trying to say if you're doing a PNG don't use black okay so that's very important so why do I change its color here and then wild orders click on this square and just change it to a gray color let's see this one just here it doesn't look too nice but it's just for an example for you so all you'll see is this B and the square behind it and you'll see none of this text you won't see Lac brick and you won't see the autumn online courses so let's download PNG transparent background there we go just downloading it's preparing your design the best way to predict your future is to create it Abraham Lincoln it's a nice little quote there so let's click on this now and there you go so all you see is the B and the square just like I said with PNG s it is transparent so you need to make sure you have a white background on canva and you don't want to be using any black text because you will not see it so make sure you just know that I was going to do ctrl Z a few times and bring everything back there we go and yes so that is that that is how you download items and designs you have made on canva so that is everything you need to know of course if you're onto a PDF you can just click that but I'm not going to show you that in this video as that it's nice and simple he needs to what we've done with the other file formats okay so that's everything that's fantastic so hopefully you all understand it now hopefully you enjoyed this video and hopefully you learned a lot and I will see you in the next video very soon goodbye.

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