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Desktop Wallpaper Design Project

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March 31, 2022

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Video Transcription: This course is brought to you by Appy Pie as part of our Academy series hello and welcome back in this video we'll be designing a desktop wallpaper so let's go straight into it so as you can see here at the top where it says create a design I have desktop wallpaper right here if it's not on this first row for you just click more into he can find it and on this page where you click more there'll be a load of other layouts just like this just like wallpaper just like chenla and logo and all of these ones here but all you need to do is click more and find it but I'm just going to click on this one just here as it is already here for me okay so click on it now and then this is the page where you'll be designing ok so as you can see on the right here this is your canvas you come and have a blank canvas to create your design and on the left over here is where you have all of the different layouts to help you design your desktop wallpaper ok so first things first I'm just going to rename it to desktop wallpaper okay now hit enter and that is now going to save on its own so all you need to do is start scrolling through these layouts until you find one that you really like and then you can use that and use it to create your desktop wallpaper ok so that is fantastic so I'm going to look through them now and once I have finished this design I will download it and apply it to the wallpaper of my computer ok so that is awesome so let's scroll through these now and see what there is now this could be quite cool if we change this text here and of course the font that goes with it because I don't like that fun ok so I'm gonna do this now and just see if I can make this look cool or not and then of course the background image as well let's see what there is now the text color we can change and we can make a new colorful one or we can use a color which is already here let's use this see what that looks like I don't really like that color to be honest so let's make it a bit darker and I'm also going to change the font because I don't really like this one so let's go through these now how about hammersmith one let's see what that looks like yep that's good let's just make this text a bit bigger now 60 for that just about fits in nicely and there we go so that's very nice so we can now of course add some elements some shapes or lines or ever you want I'll add some squares so as you can see just here we have this square we're going to make it white and then we'll make another one which is the same color as this text which is the center color of the grey charts I'll duplicate this and make it the gray color the center one as you can see it's the same as a text fantastic and now we can just plop them around a different place is like so and it just creates a cool look design aspect okay so it looks quite cool and now we can add this one okay and make this white like so and duplicate it and make this one gray or that center color not too sure what I should call it but gray sounds about right and we could put this over here somewhere I suppose I see first of all I'm just going to move this around a bit see where it looks best with these two together I'll put this in the top corner over here I think like that it's quite cool I like that it's very nice to listen to this one down a little bit more so it's not covering the screen too much it's just a little bit of detail added really it's nothing crazy it's just so it looks a bit different there so it's a bit more personalized you know it's quite nice it's quite cool let's see what other shapes we can add just here let's go back to shapes add a circle so let's now add a white around the outside and gray in the center let's go to that gray fantastic so let's duplicate this control D and let's have gray around the outside and white in the center so let's do that and white in the center and great on the outside awesome and then let's just pop that over there something like that I'm not too sure it just looks different you know it looks like oh I like it I seem it's make sure that it's the same gray it doesn't look like it is for some reason it looks like it's visible with a white around the outside of it let's just bring this over here yeah it's a bit of white around the outside of it let's make it completely gray how about we make white around the outside instead okay that's quite cool I think that's cool and then if we duplicate this a few times like that I'm not sure what it is it just looks cool it's just something random you know I see what that looks like just bit random yeah I like it was cool this just Jupitus again and completely delete this one in the background and just do a load of these instead I think because that will look cooler and one more pop out there cool so we have that there we have that layer if that there a few different random designs in each corner very nice so let's just make sure that you save file and save very nice and let's see if there is anything we can add in this last corner because of course we have a load of random designs in each corner because it's just quite cool you know those random designs are sometimes quite cool to make because it shows off your creativity so let's just add this grey color to this one and put it over here two down one block first of all and then duplicate it and make this one white and I'll make this one smaller I'm going to turn it around and with that I'm just gonna line it up so it fits in perfectly and they go fantastic just gonna put that just there so let me have a look yeah it looks quite cool it doesn't go all the way it just kind of goes down to the edge of it cool I like that it's just some random designs you know let's duplicate that white one and also do the same thing just there do you see I said it's just a bit of randomness but randomness is sometimes good when you're doing design work so yeah it needs to be a bit random it needs to be a bit more creative than other things of course so yeah let's just see what this would look like with a grey around the outside two circling the center with a nice oval not too sure if I like that or not have I make it white that suits in a bit better to be honest so there we go we can't have this if we want to but I'm not too sure this yeah I might duplicate it and make this one gray have it something like that so it's kind of poking out a bit I see if I have it like this yeah that is cool I like that very nice okay so there that's quite a random design but I don't like these circles too much I don't think they work very well not too sure though let's see if I just put them in the corners around the house I like that instead because I think when it was just on each other it was just like cherries or blueberries or something I'm not sure let's just pop that in the center like that yeah there we go I think that's a bit better to be honest than how we had it a second ago so let's just leave it like that instead so there we go that's quite a cool the desktop wallpaper design let's go to download and go to JPEG and hit download fantastic let this download real quick and once it has we will set it as our wallpaper there we go fantastic so click that open it up and there we go all you want to do is now go to right-click it and then go to set as and then background there we go so I'll close this now and I will close the camphor website and in three two one we will see the desktop wallpaper on our desktop okay so now oh that's very nice I actually do quite like that to be honest quite random but I like it a lot that's very cool like actually it's really quite nice I'm happy with that it's taken no time at all it looks really nice under 10 minutes it looks really nice and it's quite professional too quite professional quite unique but quite a nice design I'm happy with it so yeah that is that that is an awesome desktop wallpaper design I hope you enjoyed this video I hope you learnt a lot and I hope you had a great time so I'll see you in the next one once again thanks for watching thank you very much for listening and I'll see you very soon goodbye. 

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