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Use social media to get more visitors on your website

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January 20, 2020

Video Transcription: This course is brought to you by  Appy Pie as part of our Academy series.
Hello and welcome back so in this video I'm going to show you how to get more visitors to your website by using social media so let's get straight into it as you can see here I've got my Twitter page for Black Creek training Facebook YouTube that we've got our  page we've got our Google+ page and we've got finally our website now as you can see on every a single one of these on Twitter you can see we've got black book tour Institute which takes you straight to our courses on  and then we've got our website URL just here so you can click that open in a new tab and it will take you straight to our website just like this my Internet's a bit slow sometimes for some reason but here we go and takes you straight to it and we've got our Facebook page which also links to it I think you have to actually be logged in as a user to see it because I can't actually see it don't think oh no sorry yeah that links just here on the about page on the About section just here so once again if you click that it will go to our website and we also do regular posts on every single one of these as you can see that we have this complete website redesign coming very soon and then that the link takes you to our website like this just like so once again a link to our website and then the same post is on our Facebook page and then on YouTube in the link in the description of the about page for our channel story we have the links to our the main link to our website we have the link to our Twitter page and we also have the link to the free coupons page on our website just like so and as you can see that all loads in just there that's just black brick training door code UK forward - that's free - courses which are absolutely fantastic and then in the description of every single video photos click on this we have a complete description of our brand we have the URL of our website here at the top and also at the bottom so you can see that 100% for sure and yes absolute fantastic we haven't you got the HTTP so I think that's nice yeah link your sister URL you'll have to copy and paste but not to worry we could short that sort out very soon by putting HTTP in it no problem there we've also got our Google+ page which we haven't actually done any posts on but we will be doing every single post we do on Twitter on Facebook on to our Google+ page as well very soon we also have our Instagram page that we do the same with but obviously you can't see that that's on my phone is on the website as well but I've got a problem with the Instagram website at the moment so I can't actually go on Instagram which is a bit weird and strange and annoying but no worries and finally, I'm just gonna show you a little website called buffer calm now with this is how we post to all of them at the same time without having to copy and paste the post and go over to the Facebook and in Twitter oh and then you see I mean so makes it a lot easier to say I want to go carne recording a course and then if I get rid of the Instagram because obviously there's no image involved with this and then click add to a queue that will post it probably sometime this afternoon on the day of recording or I can choose to share now share next or schedule to whenever I want as you can see you of this day and time just here which is absolutely fantastic but I'm not going to post that as it's just random and rubbish so there's no point doing that but yeah that so is how easy it is for us to post and how quickly we can do that because it's so simple and so easy why not because social media is so so useful because they say if I type Oh black brick training into Google as you can see first of all we have  then we have Facebook then we have our website and then we have LinkedIn which we never use YouTube and then a few random ones we've got black book training courses which are on a  coupon website we don't have our Twitter I don't think to have Wi-Fi type of Twitter there we go we've got a Twitter page at the top that's ours but that second one isn't ours that's a bit strange I'm not sure we aren't there but not to worry if I click this it would take us to I see let's just let that load and as you can see that takes us to st. could Twitter post okay I wasn't actually aware of this to be perfectly honest with you I'm probably gonna remove that because that's just a random but oh well a little the mistake I've done there but not to worry but yeah the main part of this video am I just telling you all about buffer how to use it and why we use it so you'll need to all you need to do is go to buffer com sign up to add all of your different accounts you don't even need to pay you only need to pay if you're doing like a load of more different pages but all we've got is four and that's still free for us look upgraded to awesome it's ten dollars a month and you get ten social media accounts including Pinterest you get some powerful post-filtering you get scheduled 100 posts per social account all of these different things which are absolutely fantastic I normally just schedule like 5 or 6 posts ahead not even that sometimes just one or two for the next day you know I mean so yeah it's quite easy and really well really easy to use and it's absolutely free unless you want to use the extended plan so yes awesome absolutely awesome so once again we have our Facebook which is Facebook click on the force that's black brick training our  which is .com fourth let's use our full slash black brick - training Twitter which is twitter.com force that's black brick learn and finally our Google Plus which is Plus or Google com+ black brick training so yeah that's absolutely fantastic we use buffer to share our posts for whenever we need and schedule them and things like that which is really awesome and it's absolutely brilliant to use so yeah that's what I've been Antony this is black brick training hopefully you enjoyed the video and I learned a lot I'll see you in the next one goodbye.

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