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What is keywordtool.io tool?

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January 20, 2020

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Hello and welcome back today we're going to be talking about a free keyword a tool called keyword tool dot IO so let's get straight into it as you can see they generate keywords for Google YouTube being Amazon eBay and the App Store so it's really good and it also has different countries as well so we have in the United States Afghanistan Algeria and so on and same for YouTube same for being Amazon eBay and the App Store so that's awesome so what we're going to do is type in a keyword let's just type in online courses and let's have google UK for the United Kingdom in English and click search this is a great alternative for Google Keyword planner so here we go for the pro the version you can look at search volume cost per click and Adwords competition but that's not too important you can look at all of the different keywords just here so from here from keyword for online courses, there's five hundred and ninety-five unique keywords found and to copy the mold just click this button here to export them all click this button here and click I have a CSV or excel file and then to select the ones you want to copy use this little tick box just here so tick the ones you want to copy so despite ticking them like this and then click copy in the bottom right-hand corner and that will just copy the ones that you've got ticked so that is awesome and then we've got questions so these are keywords which are just questions as you can see our online course is worth it our online course is worth it the UK and so on and so on and then if you want to have a quick look at the pro version all you need to do is click this just here and it says if you scroll down to the bottom here we go it's over eighty-eight dollars a month sixty-eight dollars a month or forty-eight dollars a month and that gives you search volume data cost per click data Adwords competition data two times more keywords and much more so that's awesome and it's not too expensive it depends how often you're going to use it of course because if you're not going to use it too much there's no point paying out all the money for it and if you don't like it there's also a 30-day money-back guarantee to get a full refund and as you can see trusted by all these differences come as well so now you know that it's a great tool to use and if I scroll back to the top and go back to the main website that is keyword the tool I recommend it for everyone even if you're just gonna use the free version to find keywords it's really good so now we're gonna have a look at keywords related to the phrase HTML courses so as you can see they have found 203 unique keywords so there's absolutely tons of them pages and pages you can click copy all and you've got them all copied so that is awesome we then have Amazon let's have a quick look at Amazon HTML courses on Amazon has nothing so if I type I phone case because that gets searched a lot on there as you can see we have all of the keywords which is good for that there are absolutely tons so if you're looking at Amazon or eBay look for keywords related to products even a Google YouTube Bing look at keywords related to absolutely anything you want to optimize and finally, we have App Store and then if I type in Angry Birds like so we will get 100 keywords that we have Angry Birds to blast free movie Rio and so on and so on there's loads so yeah they all work well they're all apps to the awesome Google YouTube Bing Amazon eBay and App Store you can use any of them you can select the country you can select the language you can also filter them so yeah it's awesome it's free is awesome and you can also unlock more parts of this tool by paying if you want to but you don't have to the best part is free getting the keywords and yeah so that's that that is keyword tool io hopefully you all enjoy it hopefully you all learned a lot and hopefully, I'll see you in the next video thanks for watching goodbye. 

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