The Complete SEO Checklist For 2019

SEO Checklist

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January 20, 2020

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Hello and welcome back so we're now going to talk all about the SEO or search engine optimization checklist so this site you can follow along while just optimizing your website for SEO and search engines and all that so yeah there are three different checklists that I found online which I think are absolutely awesome and really great to use so I'm going to talk you through them and I'll link them in the resources section of this course so, first of all, we have search engine journal by he has done on the 23rd of May 2016 SEO checklist for website owners now as you can see if you scroll down he says he's organized it into three sections basic SEO keywords and on-page SEO and then content optimization as you can see we've got the basic SEO checklist which goes down quite far and then as you can see us just go down and then we have on-page SEO and if you keep going down we then have content optimization this is a really helpful SEO checklist to have and it's always helpful to have there just so that it can be by your side so you could use it whenever you need to use it see yeah absolutely perfect and that helps so you never miss a thing when you're optimizing your website and then we have click minded calm and this has been written by not too sure it doesn't say at the top it probably said the bottom sell give them a shout out at the bottom but this is another really great one as you can see this was July 2017 so this one is a lot more recent and then this one you can actually tick and untick what you've done or not done it's like a proper checklist to this one so the more you take the more percent you've completed so as you can see if I am ticking this one so I'm three percent if I tick it seven percent and if I keep scrolling down and ticking them as you can see the percent of completed goes up and up and up so that is absolutely awesome here we go they're saying using WordPress install a free version of Yoast SEO and then here we go using WordPress WordPress Google Analytics plug-in so you can see the analytics data so that is absolutely awesome so this is another really good checklist and then finally we have one more which is by local SEO checklist org and this is more of a local SEO checklist so if your local business and you want local people to find your business online this is another great thing to use this is a great checklist and this is a lot better well I love the way this one's laid out it looks really good and modern and once again if you tick ones you've done like so it shows that you've completed more at the top there's a bar that goes along the top this green bar here and as you can see the more I tick the more the bar is covered in green, so that is absolutely awesome it's got really simple little items on this checklist and of course you can tick them off once you've done them untuck them if you've not done them and then it also gives you a little bit of data if you can read more on each one so as you can see each of these most of these have a little website or link attached to them duplicate content to check if your website is duplicate content just click this and then just copy and paste the link to your website and that is all you need to do and then click go and then that will just do it all for you so yeah that one it's up to the awesome if I just click back and here we go so this is the entire list it's a great one it's great to use it's absolutely awesome so that's SEO checklist I hope you enjoyed this video I hope you learn a lot from it and I hope you had fun so thanks for watching thanks for listening I will see you in the next one goodbye.

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