How to Optimize Your Website For Local SEO in 2019

SEO For Local Business - Find clients & customers near your businesses location

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January 20, 2020

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hello and welcome back so in this video we're gonna be talking all about local SEO so let's get straight into it so with local SEO backlinks and things like that aren't too important what's mainly important is reviews and things like that so as you can see if you type in Google Mile End climbing wall for me it comes up with this place called Mile End climbing wall because it is on Google now and it's on Google my business which is a special thing with Google where you can put your business up basically so you can see exactly where they are they're in London you can see the exact address when they're open you can see we're views from Facebook etc things like that now as you can see that is actually awesome and that is a great way to find a business by having it straight up here thanks to Google which is fantastic now to do that all you need to do is Google Google my business and this will pop up and you need to click start now and just follow along what they tell you to do and you'll just tell you how it works basically so as you can see it also says how does it work here you can just have a look at all what it's all about and it basically just tells you what you need to do and what it will look like once you have uploaded your business and the business's vocation is Cetera et cetera to Google which is a really fantastic and if you go to a website you can create a free website for your business in minutes as well which this isn't a very good thing but the other stuff is mainly absolutely fantastic actually having it so that your business has its own space on the side of Google search results which is awesome it also helps you have a higher as well so it's absolutely fantastic next to what you can do is add your business to TripAdvisor now if that is hotels full of a rentals restaurants things to do flights and just absolutely tons of stuff on here or there's Yelp which once again there are loads of different things you can do restaurants like nightlife local services delivery all sorts of different things and finally you can, of course, make a Facebook page which the Mile End climbing will have done and they have got 6,000 Facebook Likes and a rating average of 4.7 stars which is awesome now it says as soon as you go into the page you can see that this the year my lint wall is 30 which is absolutely insane it's been going on for a very long time then and then yeah so that's all really nice all you need to do and that will definitely help you rank higher for local business so if people are looking for a climbing wall local to you and they live in London they will find my link labeled if you have a restaurant and people are local to you and people type like looking for a restaurant or cafe or something like that it'll be on there and if people are using Google Maps and they using Siri saying say so as Siri find me a restaurant near me something like that and it will find an all the closest restaurants and put them in a list and it was absolutely awesome because if you do use Google Maps it will put yours on the list which is fantastic so yeah that's that that is absolutely awesome that's all you need to do and yeah that's all for this video hopefully you know I'm trying to talk about hopefully you understand what I'm saying and how simple it will be for you so yeah that's that thanks for watching thanks for listening I'll see you in the next one goodbye.

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