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Yoast SEO Tutorial

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January 20, 2020

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All right so welcome back in this video we're gonna be talking all about Yoast SEO which is mainly a WordPress plugin which is fantastic to make your WordPress website optimized for search engines so this is their main website Yoast calm as you can see it's a quite simple plain website just with the main details about it and this is the dashboard once you've installed it you'll see it says, Yoast SEO posts overview posts with good SEO score one as I have recently in another the video showed you how to optimize a post as you can see which is why it says one of them is optimized already and then we have analyzing Tai site and then just a few other things on here which aren't really very important to install the plug-in all you need to do is scroll down and head over to plugins and click add new and then once it's loaded just go into the type and type Yoast y/o ast hit enter and then go to Yoast SEO and click install now just like all the others and then once it's installed click activate and once it's activated this is the settings for Yoast SEO you have dashboard general features your info Webmaster Tools and then security none of this is too important so let's get rid of that and close it the main importance is that whenever you edit a page if you scroll to the bottom just here you have Yoast SEO as you can see on the right as well you can see SEO is good for this page and readability needs improvement so it gives you steps to improve the readability so if it's in red it needs a lot of work done to it if it's in orange it's a little bit so it's only a little bit important if it's in red it's very important and if it's in green it means it's perfect so as you can see the SEO is in green which means it's perfect overall it's perfect but there are a few things which didn't read for example, the focus keyword doesn't appear in the first paragraph of the copy so in this text, the focus keyword isn't in the first paragraph which is bad for SEO so all I need to do is add the focus keyword which is online courses as you can see you can set that just here or later do is add that to the first the paragraph which is nice and easy and as you can see you can also edit all of these different things, for example, your slug the SEO title and the Methodist that's all easy to edit and then you can choose your focus keyword just by typing it in here and then, of course, we have the steps to optimize your page or post or product for SEO so you can do this of many different things whether it's a website page a web page a blog post or a product using WooCommerce which is a WooCommerce which is the WordPress e-commerce plug-in to be able to sell products on your website it's really easy to set up it's really easy to use and it helps the SEO for your website so yeah that is the oast I recommend it to everyone it's free unless you want to get the premium version which I would say is better but it's quite expensive so if you're not making too much money from it I wouldn't recommend getting the paid version the free versions awesome and I'd recommend it to everyone so head over to use calm or installed the plugin today thanks for watching thanks listening to I hope you enjoyed the video and I'll see you in the next one goodbye.

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