How to Optimize Your Website Page Using SEO Techniques

How to optimize any page on your website?

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January 20, 2020

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Hello and welcome back so in this video I'm going to show you how to optimize any page on your website for SEO so let's get straight to it first of all words can have a look at a few other websites on the Google search results to see what they've done we've just got  and freelancer here so yeah let's take a quick look at you to me as you can see they've got the page title they've got the URL and in the description and they've got some results so there's a search bar and some extra links as well so that's awesome they've got some keywords in there they've got some keywords in the actual title and then they've got the URL which everyone knows so they will just end up - searching it in the URL bar anyway really but yes so we've such a big business like this it's not a really a great one to look at but it's a good one to learn from so yeah and then we have freelancer which once again if I scroll down so it's not an advert you have the page title the URL the page description and then some categories so yes awesome as you can see they've got some again once again keywords in the description and title and of course the URL as well so they've just got freelancer you can see freelance programmers that's gonna be a good keyword phrase and then all of that it's just good keywords they've got there as well so I'm going to show you how to do that so I've got the home page of my website for black brick training as you can see we're just gonna optimize this for SEO so let's get straight into it first of all used one if you're using WordPress install a plug-in called Yoast SEO and yeah we're gonna get using it now so as you can see it says readability please enable some content basically so it's asking me to add some more content because I don't yet have enough as you can see that is text content because there's hardly having any text content on the main page it's mainly this links and stuff like that so yeah I do of course need to add some text next on the next little tab here it says keyword online courses so that's the keyword is picked out as you can see the focus keep online courses and then you can edit the slug the page title and the Meta Description which is awesome and really easy to use and then after that, it again arises with your page and it says things like the number of words as you can see zero words the keyword doesn't appear on the first paragraph the SEO title contains the focus keyword but it doesn't appear at the beginning try and move it to the beginning basically so once we to move it to the beginning of the title so yeah that's that as well so as you can see here it says online courses that have is the focus keyword and it wants me to put it to the beginning so yeah that's that I'm not sure if I'll do that one though so as you can see first of all we need to add more content so just for the relevancy of this all I'm going to do is go to you to me and then go to my profile so it's given me a second as you can see this is my profile all I'm going to do is copy the entire biography on here and copy/paste all of this onto the home page so yeah that's all I need to do because actually that's a lot better than losing the lorem ipsum text so I'll just close the  and freelancer pages like so and then I'll save this now update awesome so now we've done that it will probably say readability is good it needs improvement okay okay not bad, not bad better than then it was right the text does not clean contain any subheadings add at least one subheading 15.8% of sentences containing HN transition word or phrase which is less than the recommended minimum of 30.5% of the sentences contain the passive voice which is more than the recommended of 10% try to use their active counterparts and the rest is all in green none of the paragraphs are too long 15.8 percent of the sentences contain more than 20 words yeah it's absolutely awesome so I'm going to leave the rest of this for now because of the subheadings isn't too important right now so as you can see here this is what we've got what I'm going to do is copy we're going to copy and we just have a look what all I'm going to do now is copy this as that is the first line of text and I'll paste that into the meta description now obviously it's not all gonna fit in there so we're just gonna have to remove some let's see how much it wouldn't need to be removed until it actually likes it alright okay there we go so that is that black blue training was a company formed in 2015 and our aim is to inspire people to be better to become better at what they want to learn okay that's not bad okay we can leave that for now if I see what it says at the bottom as you can see it says no internal links appear in this page consider adding some as appropriate no images appear on this page considering edits on the keyword density is 0% the focus keyword was found zero times so yeah I think to see this a bit strange that we haven't got the online courses keyword on here at all I'm a bit confused about that there we go so if I changed that bit there we focus on making online courses there we go so I'll get rid of that and update awesome and I improve the SEO a bit more so all you need to do is keep just improving what it's sending you to improve and then after a while, it should be fantastic so then there's right so after all that we've got it's really a minimum of 300 words, okay so what we could do is pay someone on Fiverr to make a full homepage about us type like was it go like a post type thing like a blog post but just about us which will be put on the front page the focus keyword doesn't appear in the first paragraph okay so we can do that nice and easy as well so we've got black book training as a company that's funder it's become where we teach the skills that I needed to become professional we teach the skills that are needed to become online to become a professional through online courses okay so save that so through our online courses you can have become a pro professional so yeah that's absolutely fantastic that should improve that let's have a look there we go yep that one's now in green probably yep there we go the SEO taiji was a nice length that keyword appears on the first paragraph fantastic so it's gonna keep going through and improving all of this we're not going to add any more words right now because we're not going to go to get someone to do that for us a Meta Description has been added but it does not contain the focus keyword okay so we need to add the focus keyword to this description okay okay our aim is to I'm going to change that to teach online courses okay so it's not quite enough space if I get rid of the in late 2015 perfect so there we go that's now that and that should now be in green as well where was it the length of the Meta Description the Meta Description contains the focus keyword perfect no outbound links no internal links no images right so now it wants us to add some images we can do that quite easily all we need to do is add our logo somewhere so I'm going to say in the middle of these two paragraphs I'm just gonna add the image add media and then I'm just gonna add the black book training logo this one here Adam to page and then I'll just put an entry there so it's afterward and update once again fantastic so this is all you need to do just this is what you'll be doing as well just keep going through and updating until it's all in green and all good so now it should say that there are images let me see the deter the images on this page are missing alt attributes okay so what does that mean here's a good one okay so for the particular image we've added if I go to the image and go to open image a new tab as you can see it's just named be that one so what you want to do is actually title it properly yes so what I'm going to do is go to media on the left here at the top, I think it is yet media library awesome and then I'm getting this image and I'm going to yes so here we go let me just rename it black brick training logo awesome so if I add that in there and that has now been saved automatically like that awesome so now if I update this like so it should now say that the image I added let me see close that before I scroll down again let me see the images on this page are missing older tributes still and clear that's a bit strange if I let me fresh the page because it does actually have it now which is not good okay I think that's because there are other images on this page as well so let me just think about that refresh the page real quick like so awesome okay so now if I hover over it still has that nice and okay so these don't count as images on the page let me see okay so there's no outbound links, not enough words we can do that nice and easy the SEO title contains the focus keyword but it does not appear at the beginning try and move it to the beginning okay so now we go to try and move the focus keyword towards the beginning so as you can see up here with online courses okay we can do this quite easily so if I go online courses for everyone . and then move that to in front of this and add one of these nice so that is a perfect update that very nice very nice that's what we need to do there let that save and then if I scroll down once again it will now say that the SEO title is wider than the viewable limit okay so that's a bit annoying that's not too much of a problem online courses for everyone okay I'm at you kind of a moving plate pre-training for me, I think no that's not a good idea I'm just going to remove the training because now we've really kind of like we're redoing we are like brands so it's instead of called black book training it's just called black brick because we're going to do black quick media by all different sorts of things so we need to actually yeah that's why we've done that and I think that's a real right now the images on this page okay yeah so the actual description is now perfect and the length of the description is good the page title is good awesome so that's all good now there's just the SEO title is wider than the viewable limit still no outbound links the images are missing at all attributes and the text contains not enough words not as many words as it should do so let's go back to this real quick so all we need to do is make it so that we have more text that's what you guys can do as well so make sure you've got at least 300 words and then make sure your images have the o attributes every single image on the page make sure that they were outbound links and make sure that the SEO title isn't too long and then the readability needs to all be updated as well so you need to add some subheadings and contain lots of any transitions where it's oh no sorry more transition words and just things like that just basically following towards toes you to do just like I've been doing throughout this video and yes that's all you need to do and then your website will be so much better and it will be so much better in SEO for optimization and it'll be optimized 100 percent better so yeah that's the main things you need to do just install this WordPress plug-in called Yoast SEO and then just basically follow along towards telling you to do there's not too much for you to do and it really easy so yeah just follow along to that's all I'm gonna do in this video because it's quite simple explanatory from now on so yeah that's that thanks for watching thanks for listening I'll see you in the next one and I hope you learned a lot goodbye

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