How to Optimize Website Blog Using SEO Techniques

How to optimize a blog on your website?

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January 20, 2020

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Hello and welcome back in this video I'm going to show you how to optimize a blog post any blog post on your website or all of them is this of course what you can want to do how to optimize any blog post on your website for SEO so yeah let's get straight into it first of all what I'm going to do is use one of these keyword phrases that we've got this here so as you can see the best SEO courses I've got just here and then best SEO courses I've searched in Google and after all of the ads, the first one is this one here by search engine watch comm so we're gonna click on that and see what they've done and I'm going to talk to you about what they've done and yes so we're gonna get straight into it so first of all as you can see the title and the description and then the slug which is the link to the URL story so as you can see the slug is the second bit so this is the URL and then the slug for it is best SEO training programs in the UK like that so the slug for this one it doesn't show you it just so you that it's going to be in the category development which is awesome so they've got a really good description just here with the first parts of their information on their blog post and then they've got an awesome title for what they're putting I'm going to show you how to do all of this in just a second so first we're going to go into it as you can see they've but they're using keywords in here keywords in the in all of it keywords everywhere and oh thanks them they've got pop-ups as well for the email list which is well awesome and very clever and then they've got some backlinks let me see yes a backlink back onto their fantastic website so it goes in from one page to another and they have fantastic images as well they have se videos they have lots of media as well and then at the bottom here at the very bottom of the post you can see they've got comments as well so yeah also you had to do what they've done first of all all I've done is make a blog post now lo medicine is something you can do to generate random text so as you can see I've got 15 paragraphs of random text just here we can optimize this for the keyword best SEO courses okay so first of all all we need to do is go to edit the post so just click it just here if you're on WordPress of course or you just need to change in the HTML file if you're using an HTML website and then you can see here we've got the title now first of all for the title or looper is the best SEO courses of 2017 now my changes in just a second don't worry possibly it will depend on how this goes so you're not going to see the results in this video of course because I'm only just doing this but no worries now this isn't going to work amazingly I'm just showing you the basics of what you will need to do so we need to do now copy that and install the plug-in if you're using WordPress called Yoast SEO I think that's how you pronounce it and if you scroll down you can see just here this is Yoast SEO so this just here is the slug so you can edit it just here which is awesome so if you do that it'll be the best SEO courses of 2017 now you can change that to whatever you need to be and then you can also change the description as well so all you will need to do is optimize the SEO title slug and the meta description for your needs depending on what your keywords are so what I would recommend is copying a paragraph and then just pasting in here, of course, these paragraphs are all just random text so I'm not going to do that but yes so you need to optimize the title with your keywords you will need to let me just click back onto here for you as you can see they've got a nice long title well not too long but just a good size really but they've not got the greatest of links of all the different numbers here and years and all that but it works because they've got the main slug there which is fantastic and then yes if I scroll back down you can see slug you can just change that to the best SEO courses for something like this I'd say the best SEO courses like that or just even best SEO courses that work too like so and then we have the description you can put what you need there and then we have the focus keyword which we're going to put as the same as the title because you know if everything's the same you'll get therefore those keywords Oh zoomed up so I got that zoom back into 100% and focus keyword there we go paste that in yeah so this also gives you tips as basically what you need to do is make sure you're using the keywords in the actual blog post the key the focus keyword doesn't appear in the first paragraph of the blog post or copy whatever they want to call it make sure the topic is clear immediately so if I just say I'm gonna paste this in just here instead of that like so. and as you can see that will then go to green for that one there we go look the focus keyword starts in green so all you need to do is go through all of these and make sure that all in green it's absolutely fantastic and really easy to do all you need to do is read now it says the text editor this is more than more or that more than or equal to the recommended minimum of 300 words you've never used this focus keyword before very good so it's always good it says it's saying it's always good to use new keywords but it's not required so don't worry so yes an awesome little tool here you can use and then yes so we can close that now and this is an old program you can use well program the feature you can add to your website for free and this will add the comment section to the bottom of your blog posts so yet all you need to do is to get started and just go through all of their little things to get started which is nice and easy and it'll be worthwhile for sure in the end, Nick so as you can see they've also got they also had some things to share it we've got this Facebook Twitter Google+ Pinterest we've got Facebook Twitter Google+ Pinterest email all of that over in the corner over here as well and at the bottom, we've also got share this Twitter Facebook Google+ so we've got it everywhere we need it to be there's more than enough there I reckon the comments would improve it so we can add that which is nice and easy you just need to follow along with their steps they've got on there and then they've also got monetization so you can put ads on it but that's not really too necessary I think that's in the paid features only so don't worry about that's not required so yeah that's pretty much all you'll need to do really just make sure that you install this WordPress plugin and just follow along to what they are telling you the readability it also gives you tips on that as well number the paragraphs are too long zero percent of the sentences complaint contain more than 20 words so yeah just follow along with that as well and just do what they're telling you really because it's a good helpful program to use you can always add a keyword by clicking this as well but that does require the premium service so that also it costs more let's just click that and see how much it costs leave that costs 300 dollars up to five sites order $69 for the site so that's not too bad really no it's not too bad so yeah just make sure you optimize it by adding your keywords in and then you'll end up in the top page of search results and you'll get a lot more visitors so it's fantastic that's all I have to say for this video thanks for watching I know it's a long one thanks for listening I'll see you in the next one goodbye.

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