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January 20, 2020

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Welcome back in this video we're going to be talking about an SEO tool which is great for local businesses that are trying to find customers local to them so let's go straight into it, first of all, you want to go to a /local forward-slash search and then you want to type in the name of your business, I'm just going to type in some random letters to find a local business and yeah so let's just see what I can find all right so let's just click this one Audi so let's click it and then a little ode is to searching for everything to do if your business and all the information all the data it can find all right so here we go a local SEO score of 53 percent and as you can see it's got Google+ Facebook Foursquare super pages it doesn't have an info group page it's got local ease factual and then there's City search insider pages it doesn't have best of the web it has hot fog I'm not sure what that website and what it has this but I'm not sure what this website is called so I'm not going to try to pronounce it and then we've got Yelp and finally YP if it's in the orange it means you have some SEO work to do but if it's in the red like this it means you have a lot to do so yeah as you can see some of these are good some of them are bad and I'll see if it's completely grayed out they don't even have a page on there so yeah that's that and then it's got some of our views as well so that's awesome and then we've got it shows the incomplete ones so here we go we have Y P we have insider pages we have City Search Facebook factual hot fog best of the web and info group and it says no listings found on best of the web no but no listing is found on info group and then we have inconsistent so we have insider pages City search Foursquare and so on and so on so these pages need a lot more information, for example, this one needs a phone number most of them need a phone number these ones don't have websites so as you can see there's just a little bit of information they'd add it's quite important that they do add them and then finally we have duplicates so all of these are duplicated pages so as you can see this is a Google+ page which is just a duplicate and then all of these are duplicated Google pages and then we have YP duplicated pages and the insider pages super pages Yelp and local ease I'm not sure if I'm pronouncing that right maybe localize I'm not sure but yeah these are all duplicated sites and then if you want to pay you can actually use mods local to improve your rankings locally but I'm not going to do that I'm just showing you the free tool and the free local SEO checker with mods com it's free it's really quick to use and it's really easy to find your business as well all you need to do is go to for us less local you could type in your business here or you could click check listing just here and then search for your business just here so there's a search for another random business so path and then we've got a neighbor bread I'm not sure if I pronounced that right again but I think I have and then it's just looking for the data and here we go so this one's a lot better it's got an 87 percent score so look all these pages 100% and then someone 95 793 this one 76 and then these ones they don't have a page so this company has done very well with their local SEO so that could get them a lot of new customers via local SEO which is absolutely fantastic the only one inconsistent page is hot wok and that's just because they're missing their website so that's easy for them to fix if they had this a tool so yeah I'd say I definitely recommend using this free tool just do it a few times every year and then you can see if your website is going well with local SEO so that's that it's easy to use it's great it's free and I recommend it to everyone I'll leave a link in the resources section of this video thanks for watching thanks for listening and I'll see you in the next one goodbye. 

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