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How to create a keyword list for SEO?

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January 20, 2020

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Hello and welcome back so in this video I'm going to show you exactly how to build a keyword list so you've already installed this Chrome extension so let's get straight into it first thing you just want to search the basic keyword search that you're going to do for the keyword list that you want to create for example if I want to create a list of keywords based around online courses or let's say SEO online courses just type that and then as you can see there's a the volume of 720 searches a month and the cost per click is four dollars and ninety-three cents so all we want to do is click add all keywords at the bottom right and then keep doing this with the same sorts of keywords for example I'm going to then get rid of SEO and just do online courses and then click again add all keywords and then online courses for SEO this is such a quick thing an the easy thing to do which is why it's so great and as you can see the ones down here add all keywords they will all also be added fantastic and yes so what I'm going to do now is click this and go to my favorite keywords it will open it in a new tab and you can see them all so as you can see this is all we've got so far so I'm going to move this to the side and I'm just going to keep looking and adding more keywords so let's do that so we're going to then do just SEO like this and enter and then we're gonna do again add all keywords and SEO courses perfect and all keywords and SEO 2017 courses fantastic add or keywords this is absolutely perfect and this is a this is us just we're just going to build a giant keyword list and then after we've done that we're you know to look into it a bit more in the next video perfect so SEO  SEO course free and we can do that one and then we're going to click add all keywords and you did meet SEO I think we can put on its own as well so let's put that and that has 420 searches a month add all keywords perfect so now we're going to bring this back refresh the page and see how many keywords we have so we have 36 different keywords okay so that's definitely enough the first thing we're gonna do is organize it by worldwide volume so just click this here and just make it so the highest one is at the top so there we go if the highest number at the top now and then we also probably have the the largest cost per click but it depends for a few as you can see here this one is eight dollars sixty two SEO training London so yeah that's a quite expensive one so we're probably going to leave that one out but yeah this is absolutely great now we've got this huge list of SEO keywords now this one is 36 different entries and I also forgot to mention that this doesn't have to be based on SEO you can type whatever you want to say you so while it's all you want to do is type wallets and as you can see that has 673 thousand searches a month and then you just want to click add or keywords at the bottom right here and then you'll get all of these added to your list of keywords that are absolutely perfect so once we've done that all we want to do is click PDF and it will then download them as a PDF file for you and here you go so this is all of our keywords that we have just added to a list we've got them all right here in order of volume so we can do the same thing and then order them by a cost per click and there we go highest to lowest and then once again PDF click on that and as you can see how we've got that saved with the highest cost per click all the way down to the lowest cost per click so that's absolutely fantastic so I'll see you in the next video and then I'll show you what we're going to do with all of this information so I'll see you then thanks for watching and goodbye.

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