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January 20, 2020

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Hello and welcome back as you can see I am currently searched sim-free mobile phones or Google now you're thinking what on earth is he doing now as you can see just underneath the search it says volume 12100 per month as you can see the first one there and then cost per click CPC is one pound thirty-two and after that it says the competition data and then there's a little star after that so in this video I'm going to give you information as to what enough this is how to get it as it is so so so helpful and important to you and yeah I'm just going to talk about it to you so let's get straight into it first of all as you can see that's the data we've been talking about just here it's underneath the search box where you search what you're going to search and then there's a button there's a little button down here that says add or keywords we'll get into that little bit later and then if you scroll down searches related to this you always have all of these but all of these are added now because of that because of this little tip I'm about to give you now these are super helpful it says how many searches worldwide per month each of these phrases get so as you can see this phrase here sim free mobile phones gets exactly twelve thousand one hundred searches per month worldwide which is less than I fought to be honest and the cost per click for it is one pound thirty-two I've currently got name British pounds but you can change that two dollars or any currency you want alright so let's talk about what this is head over to the website keywords everywhere comm and that is where you'll find this out so click install for Chrome and they will take you to the Chrome Web Store and this is exactly where you will want to where you want to get it so what you want to do is click Add to Chrome I've already done that but then it'll go through a little thing for with you so so telling you basically how to add it to Chrome once you've done that I'm just gonna head back to the website because it will it will open the website once you've installed it and it'll take you to this website it will take you to this page on the website alright so once you've got it installed there will be a little K at the top right on your icons this is where your extensions go as you can see I've got a couple up here and then you want to click it and then click update settings and as you can see you've got to put an API key in just here now to get that all you have to is putting an email address and they'll email you your API key and then you'll get access to this Chrome extension and it'll start working and this is also where you can change the country so you can either be global or Australia Canada India New Zealand South Africa United Kingdom or United States and it also says new countries are added every month so they're still updating this and improving it for everyone to use which is fantastic now you can enable or disable metrics so there's the volume the cost per click and the competition now just for this I'm going to disable the competition just so you can see what it's like when one's being disabled and then you can enable or disable the extension on any of these websites as this works on a lot of different websites as you can see just here so that is absolutely fantastic it does work on YouTube oh yeah it does say it does work on YouTube as well which is really awesome so yeah that's always there eBay that's a good one Amazon so if you want to sell stuff on websites like that as well that's what's always handy and then you can highlight a volume highlight a cost-per-click or highlight a competition if it is over a certain amount like this and then you can choose the colour you highlight it with as well which is awesome but I'm not going to do that as I don't know don't care and then yeah so now let's go back to this search and I'm going to tell you what this ad all keywords button does so you can either click the add all keywords just here or you can click the little star just here I'll click it here and then once you've clicked it you'll have all of those keywords the similar to this saved for you so where will they be saved once again you want to click that it ok and then go to my favourite keywords just here which is really easy and as you can see it has saved just the first one oh yeah sorry if you just save the use the star just here it just saves the one you've searched but if you use the button at the bottom right which is adult keywords it will save all of them so if I go back to it now where is it here it is and then refresh the page there we go it has all of them on here now so all of the ones down here as you can see are now on here so absolutely fantastic so now we know what that's all about you can always copy them so that if I click copy they're all copied so if I then go to pay something it'll paste them all you can get them to an excel a CSV a PDF or you can print them so that is absolutely fantastic you can either copy them or export them or print them them basically so it's awesome and then I'm gonna select all of them and delete all of them so you can either delete selected if you've selected them or if you want to delete all of them you can just delete all of them by clicking delete old like that so that's really easy to use so we're just gonna have a look at a few different searches and what the different information is like on them so as you can see that's SIM free mobile phones we've already done that so I'll close that page now the next one we've got is solid wood flooring now the volume for that is nine thousand nine hundred the cost per click is to pound forty eight and the competition is one now what I'm going to do is change this to dollars real quick so if I go to currency and go all the way to the top United States dollar and then refresh this page you will see that it's now in dollars and you'll see it's also now got the competition gone because I unpicked it so that it's gone so that's awesome so you can see that it does work and as you can see the volume is nine thousand nine hundred and the cost per click is three dollars and 22 cents that is fantastic so the person who is paying to get this top search result pays three dollars and twenty two clicks for each click so if I click that right now it costs them three dollars it says mental so yeah that's the data from that and then if you scroll down you get the such information for the next few keywords keyword phrases down here as well so the best one with the most searches is thirty-three thousand one hundred and as engineered wooden flooring and that is $4.99 which is insane so we've had a look at that one now let's have a look at a few more so next we have their website again and then they'd also have a youtube channel which is called keywords everywhere but I'm not going to go into that right now I'm just going to leave that so I'm going to close that you can search that yourself and the next one we have we search is learn programming okay so this is online courses or anything like that for programming as you can see I'm just gonna refresh the page as it's still in pounds and yes so there you go it's for fourteen thousand eight hundred searches a month worldwide and the cost per click is $1.99 so yeah that's that for learn programming I would thousands more to be honest because that's not that many worldwide but I guess is a mump so this is an average as well so yeah that's that and if we scroll down as you can see the best one is learned to code so people search for learn to code the most and that is four dollars and twenty eight cents and thirty three thousand searches so if we click that as you can see the data all comes up at the top here the top ones code Academy code school so if you can get to the top here you will be able to sell your product very well I must say that that's really good I must say thirty three thousand years awesome and the next one we have is online courses a UK as you can see so this is mainly gonna be people in the UK paying because if you're paying from America it's a bit a bit of a waste of time but I suppose yes as you can see the main one is Open University which is the University in England where I'm from and that gets five thousand four hundred search results a month search result sorry I mean searches a month that's the volume per month not search results the amount of search results is here it's about 130 million and the cost per click is one dollars and eighty three cents so that's not too bad really only pay one dollar yeah that's a a university a bit like a college I think they called in America so yeah that's that I'm not too sure I'm gonna be honest with you and then as you can see we scroll down we have all of the others so the most expensive one is online college courses UK that's two dollars fifty five and only gets 590 searches a month so that's quite crazy really how those alright next we have SEO online course now for that it only gets 720 searches a month it but it costs 3 pounds 85 if i refresh that you'll see in dollars that it is five dollars so that's actually actually crazy so this Linda website pays five dollars per click on their ad which is insane absolutely insane so if I change that just to SEO as you can see it then goes to six hundred and seventy three thousand and it costs four dollars and sixty so it's actually gone yeah it's gone down SEO cost Celeste SEO online course which is a spice really our before that SEO people would be paying more for that but they're not so yeah that's that and we've just got two more after this the first one is ready mixed content not concrete sorry and that it gets four thousand four hundred searches a month it costs only forty pence or how many cents let's see it costs fifty two cents per click so this ready to pour down here is paying fifty two cents per click and I'm pretty sure that's UK only yet Cody okay that's probably a British based business and they're paying about forty forty pence or fifty two cents and there's four thousand four hundred search result not results sorry I keep saying I don't know why four thousand four hundred searches per month and then as you can see you have all of the other searches ready mix cement being cue that one looks like it's not working probably or there's not enough data to actually take it in because it looks like two hundred and ten is the minimum they put on here which is very interesting and finally we've got uPVC windows which is a type of window which you can buy if your house spiders what that'd be an interesting one because people do like to pay advertise like you know there's always people saying buy doors and windows buy doors and windows this is how much they pay four dollars and twenty six cents per click which is crazy absolutely crazy and it gets four hundred and no not four hundred forty nine thousand five hundred searches a month which is which is pretty pretty insane really and then as you can scroll down you can see all of these ones none of them you get too many uPVC windows online that gets a bit $3.05 or here we go uPVC windows made-to-measure only gets 590 searches a month but it gets four dollars and forty cents yes so that would be able to be about three pounds 30 pence it slightly difficult to change it just in my head but that's about that's about ish that's about right but yes if we do another search right now which is for Windows like that it might become up it might come up with Microsoft Windows here there we go but it matter-of-fact Anglian home who are selling windows that gets 1.8 million that's crazy they are paying four dollars and twenty-five cents to get to the top there so if we click on their website you can see yes so it doesn't look like let's say uPVC windows let's just click on one real quick sorry this is nothing to do with SEO or anything but it's interesting yeah you can't actually buy it straight from their website which does make it interesting you can't actually buy straight from their website all you have to do is get a quote so that is interesting because they're not actually selling products straight online that's really interesting actually wait wait wait let's see if they're sending something else nope it looks like you need a quote for everything that they sell that's crazy they paid that much and all they do is give quotes they don't actually sell products straight online that's pretty pretty crazy really but when they do sell products they sell things like conservatories so the money does come through for them so yeah that is that that is keywords everywhere if I go back to their main website now is there any easy way to do this if I go to the Chrome Web Store and then click on here nice so yeah that's that that is keywords everywhere as you can see this is the web site it says exactly what it is and what it does and it says how does it work as you can see there's all these different web sites it works with and you can have a deeper look into it yourself but I'm just telling you the basic stuff so yeah there's a button straight from the website to go to the settings by clicking over here video tutorials it takes you basically to their YouTube videos FAQ contact us so yeah basically I got a little menu up here with a few different things you can look at but none of that's too important it's quite simple to use very easy to use and it works for Chrome and Firefox as well so it's absolutely awesome so yeah that's that thanks for watching I hope you enjoyed this video and I hope it I hope you learnt a lot from it once again thanks and I'll see you the next one goodbye.

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