How To Optimize Facebook Ads In 2019 For Better Conversions

How to run Facebook page Ads that will get your page 1000s of likes $0.004 each?

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January 20, 2020

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Okay so hello and welcome back in this video I'm going to show you a quick step guide as to how to add a Facebook like the ad campaign to make it so that you can get Facebook Likes for as little as 0.003 or zero point zero four cents so yeah it's absolutely amazing and it's definitely worth doing because even if you don't target it so that it's people that are going to buy your products and services that like your page if you just get thousands and thousands of page likes so that your potential customers and clients think oh they look good it just makes it a lot better so yeah let's get straight into it so as you can see here this is the black brick training Facebook page adverts manager it's at slash ads slash manager so that's all you need to do that's where you need to go to make an advert and from there all you need to do is click create advert so I'm going to do that now create an advert and then from here all you want to do is click engagement this one just here the one underneath traffic that says engagement so click that and then down here all you want to do is click page likes so the reason we're going to pick page likes is so that when people see the ad it says like this page so it gives them the option to like the page rather than click a link sending it to your website or anything like that so we're gonna name it page likes and then we're just going to do we're just going to title it the campaign we're just going to title it cheep-cheep page likes and then click continue and then after there you just want to click the advert set name I'm to a title that cheap lights and I'll do black brick just so I know what page is for and then I'm going to select my Facebook page there we go you can see that we've selected the black brick Facebook page you can select anyone you want just by clicking it and selecting the one you want to pick and then as you can see down here you choose the audience which you're going to send the advertisement to so let's just do this as you can see here we've already got some of these interests in here what we're going to do is just delete all of these and then we're going to change the age to thirteen to thirty so that it's reasonably young people and after that, we're gonna pick a language and there's going to be English English old son that's English UK English us anywhere that speaks English basically anyone who speaks English so then after that you're going to remove United Kingdom from here and type India and then Pakistan and then Nepal or Nepal I can't actually pronounce some of these countries which is a bit silly and a pool with an e non a and then we will add Indonesia so I really can't spell these countries Indonesia Philippines and then Serbia Bangladesh and Morocco now what these are is the fact that I have researched the cheapest countries that speak that I have English-speaking people in now that doesn't have mean they actually do speak English it just means that their Facebook account is set to English so where we selected English down here that means that all of these people we select even if it's from these countries all these people should be able to speak English so yeah all of these countries are the cheapest people to advertise to that speak English so that's why I have researched these countries and then we have Bangladesh there we go and Egypt awesome and Romania Tunisia Algeria and our Egeria and then finally we're going to exclude California in America as that is a very expensive place to advertise to like that so obviously there are las vegas Los Angeles all these different places san Francisco as you can see it's a very expensive place to advertise to so it's going to make sure it does not advertise to there so yeah now we're going to save that you don't feel click save yet don't worry and then just scroll down and then what we're gonna pick here includes people with at least one of the following and we're gonna put love now I know you're thinking what that's a bit weird random but just wait you'll see in a minute as you can see the potential Reach is absolutely massive so there'll be a lot of people defined for you and the estimated page likes per day are 890 to 4900 so that is fantastic and then scroll down and you want to exclude people who like your page black brick so that obviously it won't advertise to people who have already liked your page because that's just wasting money and then we have placement and what we're going to do here is click Edit placement and what we want to do is make sure it's only on Facebook click the little arrow here and make sure it's not on the right column it's just on feeds so as you can see feeds is only one ticked here so at least one placement is required and feeds is the only one here so people are more likely to even look at it if it's on feeds rather than if it's on the right column so there we go now leave that so yeah all we want to keep is Facebook and feeds all the others just ignore so then leave that and scroll down daily budget depending on how much you want to spend each day and depending on how many likes you want to get each day you can change this but I'm just gonna keep it at 25 you can move it down to 5 or 50 or whatever you want but I'm just going to leave that at 25 pounds for now obviously if this is dollars it would be different but I'm from Britain so this is just in British pounds now we have schedule so you can schedule when you want it to start and end or you can just say the set continuously starting today so it will just run forever unless you stop basically in the advert manager and this will just tell you that it was been no more than 175 pounds a week but it's also not likely that we would spend 225 pounds a day so don't worry bit amount is automatic we're just going to leave that as automatic how it is and then it's going to keep scrolling down as you can see it says it's going to be page likes so people see page likes okay so keep scrolling down and you can also take hide advanced if you want to but that's just where we will looking at the Advanced Options so it's not too important and we can just leave the rest of that and click continue awesome and now what we're going to do is click the single image and then we're going to add an image we're going to remove this image first so there's no image there we're going to put like to share the love just like that question mark so the people don't feel like you're telling them to do it it's just like if you want to you can it's like a question so yeah we're going to leave that like that and we're going to set this just here as a desktop that's just what you're gonna preview it as so don't worry yet we'll be adding an image in just a second I know it sounds quite random like to share the love but trust me for cheap likes this is what you want to be doing and then landing view just leave that as default as well and all the rest of it does leave as default okay so now for the image we're going to add a new tab and just go to Google Images and type love scroll down until you find one which looks like this one here so as you can see this one of the leaf just here possibly at this is the one above it so yeah we're going to go to this one right click it and go save image as and then just hit enter so that you save the image and then we're going to upload the image and the one that we've just uploaded the one we've just downloaded to me so select that and as you can see this is what the advert will look like so as you can see we've already got eight thousand nine hundred and twenty-one-page likes and this cost is not really anything at all and it was in about four or five days I think I can't remember but I like to save my money and I don't like to spend so much money so I stopped the advert but yeah if you just keep going on and on and on you can just keep hearing more and more and more likes you could get literally millions it's absolutely amazing and then all you need to do now is click confirm so click that and let it load and here you go your items have been confirmed you'll receive a notification what so adverts have been reviewed so that's what all you need to do then is click continue and I'll take you back to your advert manager and then you'll be taken to it as you can see pending review awesome so that's that that's all you need to do easily as that so hopefully you now understand what you need to do and hopefully, this works well for you thanks for watching thanks for listening to I hope you enjoyed I'll see you in the next one goodbye.

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