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January 20, 2020

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Hello and welcome back so in the last video we have created this keyword list just here all about SEO online courses and it's all based around that so it's absolutely fantastic in this video I'm going to show you which keywords will be best to use for your particular business or services or products and how to make it so that you can use them to rank your business products services higher and how to use them for things like pay-per-click advertising so yeah let's get straight into it first of all I've going done is type target body and long tail keywords into google images and I've got this image here which I've selected and I'm just going to open the image in a new tab so here we have the image I'm just going to zoom into it a bit so we can see it alright so what is this image and what's it all about what I'm going to do in this video is just talk to you about this image now you're thinking why we're just talking about an image you'll see so let's go straight into it first of all we have at the bottom at the top as yellow stuff from the top we have high cost and competition now that is one word phrases for example a keyword just called shoes and then so that includes things like if I sorted by keyword that includes things like just SEO or fee that's the only one word one we've got yeah so that includes things like just SEO so if I search that just by volume again you can see that SEO has a volume of six hundred and seventy-three thousand and the cost per click is four point six dollars so what is this saying this is saying that the highest cost and competition will be the one word phrases so that means it will be most difficult to rank on Google or any another search engine with one-word phrases so maybe try not to do that so the next one is two to three-word phrases, for example, men's shoes or as we've got here online courses now that again has a high volume of 90 thousand five hundred again that will be reasonably difficult to rank on the first few pages which mean no one will find your website so let's skip past that and finally we have more descriptive phrases, for example, red like men's running shoes red like men's running shoes so or Nike depending on where you're from and how you say it so that is the brand we've got the color we've got male or females so this are male shoes we've got what it's going to be for running and then finally we've got what it actually is which is shoes so it's very very descriptive now this means with this particular keyword phrase you're more likely to be able to actually get into the first page there may be fewer clicks and views and a volume onto that so, for example, free online courses with certificates now that has 14800 but it only costs $1 foot one dollar 47 for cost per click which is for the advertising and yes so it's definitely a lot of lot easier to be ranked in for something which is more of a phrase so it's a quick tip is to make sure you're always using phrases rather than just a word for example keyword SEO when you're doing your keyword research and your keyword optimization on your website another one we have here free online computer courses now this only has two thousand nine hundred and if we move down a little bit we can see there's things like Google SEO course that only has three hundred twenty searches a month on average and then we have SEO online training certification that has 170 just things like this online college courses the UK now that one we can probably delete because that has nothing to do with it so just select it and then click delete selected keywords like so and then we have the best SEO courses SEO online courses courses from home, free short courses online with certificates search engine optimization techniques that are a great one I like that one a lot so if we go and search this into Google as you can see there's a volume of 1,300 searches a month and nine hundred and ninety-six thousand results so as you can see there are all of these different ones most of them have numbers in the top so you see here we've written search engine optimized optimization techniques that one as you can see says there's 21 techniques 1921 again 22 and then we've got the beginner's guide to SEO so as you see this is going to be much easier for you to appear in the first few pages rather than if you just type SEO so as you can see here there's nine hundred ninety-six thousand SEO and it then goes to four hundred and fifty-eight million so that's gonna be a lot of lot a lot more difficult as you can see that is exactly why there were so many different ads here because it's so difficult to get on these first pages so these people are fought from we're gonna put some ads there so let's have a look at a few more what we're going to do is find some new keywords okay so we're gonna type where was it what's the image here we go red Nike or Naik men's running shoes so red here we go so we've written it down now and we don't let in images so we're gonna get rid of that and here we go so as you can see there are 50 searches a month and the cost per click is one dollar and nine cents with a move around 7.2 a million results so this one is going to be a lot easier to actually rank on rather then just how about say this so if we change it down so it's not as in-depth as you can see it then goes to sorry about this cue me on the left here that's just a little thing I have which helped me out as you can see this thing gets two hundred and one thousand searches a month rather than as you can see fifty so if you've got a lot more in-depth when you do your keywords you're more likely to be able to make it into the first page a lot of lot easier just narrow it down so rather than just shoes red Nike men's running shoes be a lot more descriptive in your keyword phrases that you're using so rather than us SEO do SEO online courses for beginners don't accidentally put an H in there oops there we go for beginners that have there we go so it's not got many as you can see it says zero but that just means there's not enough fruit to actually realize how many there are many of these are going to be  as you can see that you dummy Linda which is another training so many of these are gonna be for training but yeah so if you're a lot more in-depth if I also add the UK on the end of that as you can see it's just a lot more in-depth so then you have read which is a job hunting website online SEO courses look at it okay let me have a look what this actually is a service is all about here we go so we have a website where they're just sending online SEO courses let's see how expensive they are yeah look how expensive they are there on the first page for SEO online courses for beginners UK and it costs one hundred ninety-nine to five hundred pounds so they're definitely making their money there's a volume of zero but that isn't correct so for once where you go really in-depth this program gets a bit this extension called keywords every way gets a bit confused and it doesn't really actually give you the right information which is a bit annoying but most of the time you're absolutely fine okay yeah so that's it that's all I have to really say for this video just be more descriptive with the keywords that you're using hopefully you understand I'm trying to say that's all I have to say but yeah thanks for watching thanks for listening I hope you learned a lot I'll see you in the next one goodbye.

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