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Organic (free) marketing strategies to populate your webinars

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April 24, 2020

Video Transcription: In this video, I want to talk about the organic marketing strategies that Mark uses for his company framework TV this video is brought to you by Appy Pie’s Academy. to draw people to his site and from his site that's where he gets people to sign up for that free course which is how he collects the email address after he collects the email address he takes people through an autoresponder which takes the cold leads warms them up eventually invites them to the webinar on the webinar he sells right so this is really the first step and this is the organic strategies meaning free strategies elsewhere in the course I show you how to run ads and retargeting ads to draw people also to that page where you can get people to sign up for that initial thing which gets you their email address but here in this video we're gonna go over the most effective marketing strategies organic okay so YouTube is the most effective strategy for mark is YouTube if most effective for everyone obviously not why is it the most effective for mark because mark has a video based business his consumers are interested in watching video courses that means they like consuming content with video if you don't have a video based business think about like would you your consumers like to consume do they read do they like photos do they like you know what kind of media do they are they comfortable consuming because people who like to read well maybe videos for whatever reason might not be right for them maybe they read the during their commute and so videos just maybe don't make sense for them as much because maybe for whatever reason they can't watch so whatever is natural for your audience then that's a good sign of where you should invest on social media in terms of your effort for promotion mark has about 50,000 subscribers which is quite good and if you look at that about he's got over 5 million views almost 6 million views and he just posts development videos right his courses are software development videos it's very natural for him to post software development videos not all videos get a lot of views a lot of videos don't get that many views right one you go you know three weeks ago four hundred views so it's okay it's not like great but some videos if you sort by like most popular some videos really get a lot of views right.

This one like half a million half a million so some of these are pretty popular and in just a matter of overtime creating a lot of videos some of them will not be popular or some of them will be put very popular that's a very common pattern for YouTube channels regarding the rest of social media I'll walk you through it this is the Twitter business account form framework TV they only have 141 followers which really tells us they're essentially not active on it they just have some automated messages coming out of here but they're not active on it Facebook same thing there's only a couple of hundred people who like this so they're not too active on social media but they use YouTube and if you're wondering like well I need a lot of strategies actually no that's not right you see that's a common mistake because if you do a lot of strategies you're gonna do a lot of things a little bit well but if you only do one thing really well then you'll do it better so to create a YouTube channel like I showed you with 50,000 subscribers and millions of views it takes a significant focus on effort that shouldn't derail your main business efforts right because youtubing is not Mark's main job so that's the trick you've got to do a couple of things for marketing really well and that way you get much better results than if you do a lot of things in a mediocre way like if you have a little bit of Instagram a little bit of Twitter little bit of Facebook a little bit of this million things but then none of them really breakthrough like that YouTube channel I showed you then obviously it's gonna be a really hard to get traffic now some rules of thumb for you all of these they take time the beginning is the hardest so if you're struggling in the beginning to get traffic don't worry everyone is struggling in the beginning what you have to do is just be persistent and figure out that one or two main marketing strategies based on how your consumers like to consume and where they hang out if you perfect them over time then they'll turn into great sources of leads for you that you can turn into your webinar attendees that's really the pattern.

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