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Giveaways and prizes

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April 24, 2020

Video Transcription: In this video let's talk about how to use giveaways in your webinars this video is brought to you by Appy Pie’s Academy. a lot of people think that they should have attractive giveaways to attract people but it's they're not too effective to draw people into your webinar because people need to come for your content not the prize if they come for the prize they're probably the wrong audience you should use prizes to tease something at the end or to raise engagement and people's involvement in the webinar so you can reward a top question or a top comment and you don't reward it with like something random like not like a Starbucks gift card because who cares about that obviously but you should what you should do is give a discount coupon or something that gets them closer to buying so you can say if you stay at this if you stay for the end of the webinar I'm gonna give you a discount coupon for you can for how you can buy the same thing but a lot cheaper so they'll stay they'll listen and you'll have more which has to sell to them or you can say something like if you share our webinar or my business on social media use by using our hashtag I'll choose one winner you know for an extra discount for somebody who uses the hashtag and guess what that gives you extra marketing and in any case whoever is hashtagging whoever is staying at towards the end you can mention them my name you can engage them that would make them feel more special more involved and they'll be more likely to buy so that's really how to use prizes new ways to encourage engagement and for them to stay longer.

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