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The ask

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April 24, 2020

Video Transcription: If you're doing a sales webinar this video is brought to you by Appy Pie’s Academy. the most important part of your webinar is what I call the ask that's what I'll be talking about now the ask is where you transition from educating your webinar attendees to making the sale and this is a process let me show you how I do it so once I've finished the education portion of the webinar I'm going to say something transitionally along the lines of now you could learn all these skills on your own and you could learn all these skills for free on YouTube what you probably can't do is manage the process and provide support until you complete your goal now this is key I'm gonna say something along the lines of with your permission I'm going to show you exactly how I can take you through this process quickly affordably and successfully let me spend a minute talking about what I'm doing with this slide as we go into the sales portion of the webinar I want to make sure I have the viewers permission to do so no one wants to be forcibly sold something so if you're they're not there for what I'm actually offering I want to give them an out an opportunity to leave while they're still happy with the webinar it doesn't pay to kind of force someone to stay and make them mad so we're gonna ask for them permission for their permission psychologically to we're helping them shift from information mode to consumer mode so I'm going to take you through exactly how I can take you through this process quickly affordably and successfully and I also want to give people permission to leave now.

If they're not interested in what I have to offer if you're not interested you have my permission to live the webinar now with my thanks I want to make sure that everyone feels appreciated just for attending the webinar it's not important for them to buy we want them to know that I'm thankful just that they came because they they're not gonna buy it this webinar we certainly want to make sure that they have a good attitude about my company my brand and me so they can consider whatever isn't offered in the future and then I'm gonna go into the sales pitch so the product that I was offering is called platinum 2020 I'm gonna describe it fully and generally I'll show the benefits of it so in this case we show the roadmap that the program takes you through I show what it's like to get started I show the certifications if they can earn explain the benefit of those I explain how those certifications could go on to their LinkedIn account and show an illustration of that I show the actual interactive community that they're gonna have access to I talked about the individual coaching and questions periods that we have and then I'm going to ask for the sale and I'm gonna show them exactly where they would go via the URL to make the sim and I'm going to take them through the buying process the point where I'm going to show them exactly how they buy the product at this point you're probably gonna get a lot of questions which are essentially people asking you to resolve the doubts they have about the purchase address the questions and what I like to do is keep some type of reasonable limit on the offer now I've seen people being very aggressive and say this offer is only good until the end of the webinar I don't feel like that's the best method but I do like to create some type of limitation for example this is only good for the next 48 hours with the offer you want to make some type of incentive either discount or closing of the product offering that you're making in order to get them to buy so again the process starts with the transition it continues while you get permission excuse those who aren't interested and then go into your sales pitch on another note you want to make sure your sales pitch is smooth and well-practiced you don't want to be hesitant or questioning you want to deliver your sales pitch with confidence because by the time they get to this URL at the end where they can buy you want them to be very very excited about the product you're offering and imagining themself as successful with the product that you offer good luck with your ass.

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