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Supplemental App Resources

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April 24, 2020

Video Transcription: In this video, I want to introduce to you a potentially very helpful supplemental set of resources for this course this video is brought to you by Appy Pie’s Academy. it's a series of mobile apps that I made they cover four main parts of starting a business that the the greatest challenges that entrepreneurs face usually and this is getting business ideas business planning marketing and promoting your business and then raising money which a lot of entrepreneurs ask about and these are all free apps they don't require email or anything that you can make accounts there but it's not required and you can use the apps without it so it's free to use you're welcome to download it and I'll have the link to this page on my website in the resources section of this video so you can come to this page and grab the apps if you'd like it's optional it's not necessary but these are extra supplemental tools that you can use and these apps help you in a couple of ways they give you extra extra tutorials so whatever you might be working at let's say you're not very strong at marketing or you need to raise money or you want business planning or business ideas these will help you so you can actually grab all four it's available for free on iOS and Google Play on Android and again I'll have the link to this page in the resources section of this video or you can just go to my website problemi or calm and you can click on the apps see if I if I go home it's basically this is my website and I basically click on the apps link in the navigation and then get taken to this page and from here you can get any of the apps and let me actually show you what the apps look like and the apps help you in two distinct ways they offer extra tutorials for free and they offer little planning tools you can write a little business plan on the app you can write a little fundraising plan on the app so that way you can just keep extra notes learn more it's just implemented totally optional but you're welcome to try them out now a little disclaimer.

They are a work in progress they're not perfect I know I need to improve design I know I need to improve usability I know I have plans for all that and I have plans to make better articles on them better tutorials it's coming in the works but please be patient with me because my full-time focus is building better courses for you and my very part-time focus is these apps so I'm only able to devote like a couple of hours a week to these apps at most and you know there's 8 apps here for an Android 4 on iOS so please be patient with me I am making them better it's just coming so please just be patient put me on them and let me quickly show you what they're like just on Android but unlike us they're pretty similar so the first app in the series is about getting business ideas and by the way you see they have that I have this very outdated preview video don't worry I'm gonna update it soon it's also one of those things that's in the works so anyway the first app is business ideas the second app is on business planning after you have business planning you need marketing so the third app in this series is the marketing plan app and the fourth app covers fundraising ideas because all entrepreneurs want to know how to raise money because financial stress is a very big stress and there's also just ideas for how to make money online as well just to supplement your business now if I click on my name here there are other apps like the red don't get them they're paid do not get the paid ones only get the ones with the orange logo there the free apps that I recommend that you try only try the free ones so these are the apps and again I'll have the link to this page in the resources of this video so you can click it and navigate and grab all the apps you want and if you don't want that link you can just go to problemi allcom just as it's written here problemi o calm and then click on apps and you'll get taken right here and you can grab the app so these are the apps and I hope they help you.

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