Second autoresponder email

Second autoresponder email

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April 24, 2020

Video Transcription: Now let's take a look at the second email that we're going to be sending in our autoresponder this video is brought to you by Appy Pie’s Academy. so this is the second email and let's edit this email and that's let's take a look at what it's going to talk about and again because it's gonna be a little bit hard to read for you in this case right here I'm just gonna take all of this copy and I'm gonna put it into a Word document and we're gonna edit it there and we're gonna explore what's happening the text in these big letters that's not your subject line that is the little blurb that your email recipient can read before the email before they open the email so this is actually part of the email and here the whole purpose of this email is going to be because we already invited that person to reach out to us and have that initial call and maybe you have a product or something that you mentioned you want to build rapport show them that you know how they feel and give a lot of value so that's what we're going to accomplish here these two things we're gonna show them that we know how they heal we understand their situation and we're gonna provide some value so let's read it and again this is for my situation which is I'm a business consultant I'm a business coach and I have products that I sell your situation might be slightly different so you can just customize it for whatever you are promoting so this text not sure which ideas are best to get into or if your chosen idea is good that's what a lot of people struggle with when they start a business and I know that because I talk to them so here I'm like really appealing to them they're gonna be like yeah a lot of people who are first-time entrepreneurs a lot of them don't even have a business idea because they literally ask me which ideas are good to get into so I answer that right there like I said hey we're gonna address this so that should perk their interest and of course everybody who's starting a business that doesn't really know if their idea is good and so this should get the person's interest so let's build it up.

Then I start to discuss the actual body of the content so to build your business idea is extremely important it is the foundation of everything you do for your business so I reinforce that there is validation to their kind turn if you don't have that idea that is just perfect for you everything else that you will do for your business will be less effective and have less potential and this actually can be entirely skipped because maybe this is a little redundant because I kind of explained that here in the first line so you know I'll actually just get rid of that because I feel like it doesn't pack a great punch because what I can do is just get into this do you find yourself asking the following questions when it comes to your idea and this will help me appeal to my reader so these are other common questions that first-time entrepreneurs have when it comes to their ideas first can Alex lets me give me an amazing idea because some people just ask me for business ideas it might sound silly to some people but people ask me for that or people ask I wish I had a great idea then I could really get into a great business but how do I get that idea and this is something that is a little long so I should actually simplify that so I can actually get rid of this whole entire thing here and say like and say it like that so this will be more on point and I can even simplify it from here I can just get rid of this entire sentence the first sentence and it will still be okay but let's keep it as it is the next thing people ask how - how do I know which idea is best then how do I know which industry to get into should I protect my ideas if so how right people ask a lot about protecting business ideas how to get feedback from experts and what to do if people have multiple business ideas these are all very common questions by first-time entrepreneurs and many people who are just starting a business they ask this question they might ask additional questions like I have a business name and logo created but what should I do next that's what a lot of people ask then the point of these questions is so that now hopefully because I really know my customer if they are struggling with these issues they're gonna be very interested because I'm literally speaking to their needs the next thing is well how do I address these needs and here's the trick here what we want to do without going further in this email is let's establish our goals and I'm gonna give you a couple of goals that are strategic for the second email very important you want them to visit your website not buy anything just visit your website and you want them to subscribe to you and follow you on social media why there are two reasons for this the first reason is that if they follow you on social media anywhere they're gonna get more no more notifications from you and there's gonna be more touch points where you can sell to them so that's great and it allows you to give them free extra content because if you try to sell something earlier now is the time to give them something for free so they can get more content from you warm up with you further you don't want to be sell sell sell. 

You don't want to be too aggressive you want to give a lot of value so free value on your website on your social media is fantastic because it warms them up and if they subscribe or follow you're gonna have more chances to promote to them long term and if they visit your website you're going to be able to run what's called retargeting ads to them retargeting ads are ads maybe you don't know this term but it's basically these are ads that follow people around even if you don't know what they are I'm sure that you have had retargeting ads being shown to you for example if you go to Amazon and you click on some product and then you go to Facebook and for some reason Facebook knows to promote that product to you that's the retargeting ad that Amazon set up with Facebook ads and as soon as somebody visits your site you can run those kinds of ads to them those ads are extremely effective because they're not targeting cold traffic they're targeting warm traffic traffic that's already been on your site so that's the idea here you want to get people on your site and on your social media so that so that you can bring them back either through retargeting ads if they've been on your site or through social media if they subscribe all the while while giving these people free content which helps them appreciate you for that because you're giving them free value see that's the strategy that we have in this particular email it's very strategic so then what you can do I have this particular example you don't have to follow this because I have my own content and I have my own strategies but what I would recommend is that you create some kind of a article like a blog post that you can send them and when they click on the blog post link if it takes them to your site you're gonna be able to run retargeting ads also you can point to something when your YouTube or social media like I'm doing or you can just suggest to them at the bottom here or somewhere follow me on social media but surely you want to give them some kind of free content in my case just because I'm being a little greedy and I'll probably change this to I'm trying to sell a course here which is not a great idea I'll probably change this to a link to my website so that I can run the retargeting ads to them and if you want to get them on a call if that is important for you then you can suggest a free call and you can put your calendar Lee link here and all that and instead of a 30-minute I'd say like a 15-minute call so that's the idea this email is just to give them free value so that you can have extra ways to re-engage these leads off your email to reinforce your emails.

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