Overview of the webinar process

Overview of the webinar process and example

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April 24, 2020

Video Transcription: In this video, I want to give you a high-level overview of the webinar process that I use this video is brought to you by Appy Pie’s Academy. and when I say process what I'm talking about is all of the events surrounding the webinar itself webinar itself occurs at a specific date and time but there's a lot of other events that occur before and after the webinar that are important and make the webinar effective so I'm going to start with the email and I'd like you not to worry about so much about the software that I'm using to do these things there are many different pieces of software you can use that we talked about in the course this is just what I happen to use let's focus on the content here of the email so this is the last in a series of emails people get in order to get them to sign up for the webinar this one I send about 15 minutes before the webinar the title is are you in yet so we always want to focus on that fear of missing out and people who receive this you know get surprised am I in yet what am I missing and we call the webinar a training the quickest route to your first job in development and you can do it all right from home which is a title of this webinar tonight 8:00 p.m. New York time I like to use New York time 1 because I live in that time zone but also because it's an easy time zone for people to calculate back to you're not gonna want to miss this and we talk specifically about three things that they learn or benefits of attending the webinar and then we have a register now but I imagined this is the last in a series of emails that people got I usually send three or four emails reminding of them of the webinar not everybody opens every email some people need reminders so this is a good way to fill the room from here they go to a landing page that reinforces what the webinar is about so if they click through in the email this is the landing page that they go to we reinforce that there's only a hundred spots available so we want them to get in now.

We reinforce the day and time of the webinar we also have a countdown clock again we're very specific about the knowledge they'll gain during the webinar we do want them to be aware of exactly what they're going to learn and the webinar material reflects this information so how to compete against more experienced degree developers in the entry-level job market well I train developers so this is a specific point in the webinar itself each one of these you've got to actually deliver on we also have a registration bonus which is a personal road map worksheet to take them on their first development job take them to their first development job and then the claim my spot now which gives them the form to fill out which gives them a spot in the webinar pretty straightforward they'll give their email first name and last name and again all of these components we go over in detail elsewhere in the course so don't worry too much about them specifically what I want you to get out of this is the process and kind of the flow that we're going through we'll deliver the webinar itself in using standard slides I'm not going to show them to you right now but it slides about 40 minutes and then 10 minutes of the offer that I'm making and then 10 minutes of QA standard webinar format so that's delivered at the date and time that's been promised and then we have a follow-up series the follow-up series is an email series and they get this starting immediately after the webinar until some closing period at which point the closing occurs let's take a look at a couple of the emails in here this is the one they get directly after the webinar so this webinar reiterates there's a recording because a lot of people won't be able to stay for the whole time so they ask about the recording we always want to get that up front and also any handouts that I give and these handouts generally are simple summaries of the webinar itself then we talk about the offer that was made at the end of the webinar and the reason we reiterate this is again not everybody stayed for the whole webinar but some people were probably overwhelmed by the information so we want to give them time to read about the offer itself and this is the time I'm gonna make an extensive discussion give all the information about the offer this countdown.

Clock goes until the offer ends usually we give 48 to 72 hours to claim the webinar offer and then we go over the details of the offer similar to how I did in the webinar itself so we talked about in this particular webinar the road map we talked about valuable certifications that someone could earn and the benefit of those certifications other things that are included in the offer keep in mind my offer is a high dollar offer costing almost two thousand dollars so your offer may not need all of these things because the dollar the price point may be lower we offer some bonuses we offer a guarantee and we offer some type of limitation and then we have click throughs to take advantage of the offer and these click through to sales pages that are fairly standard sales pages and this is the whole idea everything about the webinar is designed to get them to this points in which they can actually buy and this webinar had to to payment options at 1200 our payment option or to payments of $6.99 but essentially your webinar is driving to figure out who your buyers are and get them to this last page where they can actually buy that's the webinar process it is essentially a miniature funnel starting with an email list of targets narrowed down to the people who say they're going to attend narrowed further to the people who do attend narrowed further to the people who respond to your offer get to this page and by so that's a high-level overview of the webinar process again we break down all of these components and other points in the course but this is a good way to understand the entire flow of a webinar process.

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