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April 24, 2020

Video Transcription: In this video, I'm gonna give you an overview of different microphones from shotgun mics to lapel mics to other mics and then I'm gonna go over there's this condenser mics and dynamic mics and I'll explain all the difference between them and I'm not gonna geek out too much this is gonna be a beginner tutorial but after this tutorial, you will understand exactly the type of mic you need for your situation so that you're not gonna be confused you're not gonna waste money buying wrong equipment this video is brought to you by Appy Pie’s Academy. first of all let's cover the shotgun mic it's a very common type of mic it as you can see on Amazon and by the way when I promote stuff on Amazon it's I'm not an affiliate of Amazon and I'm just showing you potential products you can get so shotgun mic is something I searched first it's popular and you can see from almost all the pictures it's a type of mic that you would attach to your recording device you can also have a stand like this you see you can also have it on a stand and the stand can be closer to you than the device from you which you're recording in case the device is far and if you have a stand that that's closer it's gonna give you a little bit better out of your quality this kind of a mic is good if you are recording from a DSLR or a camcorder or if you have a stand like this and in case you're filming a scene more than one person an interview something like a setting that's a good mic the other kind of a mic I want to show you is a lapel mic totally different and it's something that attaches to you you see it's exactly like this you basically attach it to your clothing and this particular microphone is quite intrusive because you know it's like black microphone and a white shirt but there's ways to hide it and often you can film what people don't even know or they have to look very hard for you to find that you have a lapel mic this is good because it's not bulky equipment it's easy they're usually much cheaper and if you're one person and you're wondering should I get a lapel mic should I get a shotgun mic if both if either one will work for you that's fine as long as you don't find cases where one might not work so for example you don't want the lapel mic on your clothing fine or the shotgun mic might not work with your setting because you maybe you're recording from a computer or recording from somewhere else and so sometimes it's the physical aspects of the recording that dictate what kind of microphone you should get and the other popular type of a microphone is a USB mic this is actually something that I'm using now and this basically plugs into your computer and if you're recording from your computer that's what I do i do I play in through the USB and when I do a screencast like this I just talk right into the microphone and the microphone plugs in right into my laptop so that's another popular option it's very easy to set it up and and for me if I'm not in the video that's the option I use if I am in the video the the microphone I used I have to talk really closely into it for the purposes of getting rid of background noise.

It doesn't pick up a lot of background noise only noise that if you talk right into it so because of that if I was on video I can't use a microphone like that because a microphone like that will look a little bit intrusive in the video shot but one now like when I'm filming like this when I'm not in the video shot I actually use a microphone like that that I plug into my USB and it's a noise cancelling microphone so that if there's like a lot of noise outside nineteen eight percent of that noise gets reduced you don't hear that because I actually live on a really loud Street than I film from home and if you've heard all the noises that are going on it's it's a lot of noise and this microphone actually helps me get rid of a lot of the background noise so here's a little breakdown that you can revisit on your own if you need a refresher in the microphones but I want to give you a background this condenser versus dynamic microphones when I was learning about microphones this really confused me because this is a little bit techie and when people explain it they get all up into how does this exactly work from the inside and we don't care we just care what benefits there are when you should use it so I dynamic mic they usually have a simpler design which means they're sturdier and they're good for a live situation if you might think you might be bumped or you outside or if you're gonna drop the microphone or something like that this is a good option also if you're doing something like podcasting or broadcasting it gives you noise reduction so that's the cases that's good for dynamic mics and condenser mics they're more complex they give you more control over the sound so if you're playing around with music and things like that a bigger range of sound is more important to you then you want to use a condenser mic so if you're making videos like me you probably should go forward dynamic if you're making music condenser so that's the overview of the microphones and that should make it really easy for you to start thinking about like which one is the right one for you if you're starting out.

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