How to Setup Acoustic Foam to Get Rid of Reverb

Getting rid of sound echo with studio foam

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April 24, 2020

Video Transcription: With this video let's start the section of the course that talks about the audio quality for your webinar this video are brought to you by Appy Pie’s Academy. if you have echo problems in the room that you are filming in or if your sound isn't as crisp and maybe a little rat as raspier than you want one solution is to get something like acoustic foam that you see here and I'm gonna have a link in the video resources but I'm not telling this I'm not an affiliate seller of this I'm just recommending it because it's a good product and it's something that you can put in front of you is the best place behind your camera so not between the camera and you obviously but behind the camera so that it doesn't block your recording but at the same time as you're talking out this foam will block and absorb a lot of the sound so that it absorbs the sound so you give it it gets rid of echoey sounds in rooms and you can put one like this on in front of you what people buy is often see also this item to get they buy that together and this is for your decide maybe like for the corner of your room next to you maybe on somewhere on the side this is good for the sides to block the sound so a form like this and in front of you is fantastic to help your audio quality improve right away it's not very expensive as you can see for just like 75 70 dub something dollars you can get this pretty complete set up and immediately improve your audio without really over investing too much so this is a good thing to have and you can experiment by buying one or two professional recording studios have a lot of the wall space covered in the stuff that you just don't see it because it doesn't get into the video but they have a lot professional studios have a lot of this kind of stuff but if you're filming like from a home studio you don't want to make your home in your entire room ugly so you want to be selective and how much of this stuff you put up I would recommend starting a little bit slow and then working your way up the up from there so that you can if you see sound improvements great if you don't see it maybe you can return this item or you can buy a couple of more and see if it helps and if it doesn't help you can return the item because it's a problem this sound echo issue a problem in some rooms but not in some others so if it's not a problem for you you don't really need this but it is a good solution for echoes in sound or if you're getting a lot of like background noise it can also help to reduce the background noise as well.

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