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Planning for conversion and tracking important metrics

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April 24, 2020

Video Transcription: I want to make a point here about the conversion I think it's really important to keep your eyes on the prize when you're doing webinars this video is brought to you by Appy Pie’s Academy. you want to make sure that the webinar has some measurable outcome that you're trying to get to for example if it's a community webinar your conversion point might be okay did they sign into the web community within 24 hours after the webinar if it's a sales webinar your conversion point is obvious did they buy but there are other types of webinars and you need to always have some type of conversion goal in mind because otherwise you can't measure the success or failure or degree of success of your webinar so I think it's really important when you're starting to out in the webinar process to figure out what is our conversion points and that's not always going to be a sale for example if you're doing a large training webinar to establish yourself as an authority maybe signing up for your email list in order to get the handouts is a conversion point but figure out what that conversion point is and then track your conversion rate from webinar - webinar this is the only way you know whether or not you're improving if you for example in your first webinar make one sound your next webinar sell two and then three you know you're improving from webinar - webinar however if you're not tracking any type of conversion rate and you're doing educational webinars you're not sure how many people are signing up or what percentage are signing up you don't know whether or not you're growing it's always important to have a goal with your webinars even if your ultimate goal of the webinar itself is not a sale think about conversion when planning your weapon.

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