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How often to have the webinars

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April 24, 2020

Video Transcription: A real common question I get is how often should you actually do a webinar and my answer might be surprising to you this video is brought to you by Appy Pie’s Academy. I don't think the actual frequency matters as much as being consistent with whatever frequency you choose so if you say you're gonna do a webinar each week delivering it every week is the important thing you're gonna do each month and delivery in each month consistently is the important thing you're gonna create an expectation within your audience of how often this webinar experience is going to occur so you want to make sure you're doing it on the frequency that you promise beyond that you also want to make sure that each webinar is fresh so what I do is I actually have a rotation or a calendar throughout the year of webinar topics that we cover and then we come back and we'll cover it again the next year so I do about one webinar every two weeks and we deliver on that we have the topics planned pretty early on in the year and each webinar essentially has a lifespan of those two weeks we're promoting it the week before and then the week after we're doing post promotion after delivery but that cadence is really really important we know that every two weeks we're going to live our live webinar you have a topic calendar so people know what to expect and we're fulfilling those expectations it becomes part of your brand promise so initially I would suggest trying to do a webinar about once a month that's a good frequency where your audience isn't gonna forget about you you're gonna have sufficient time to promote beforehand and then follow up afterwards and plan really good topics I think where people get too aggressive about webinars initially what happens is they have to water their webinar is down now the other option is evergreen webinars with evergreen webinars you can have them up and drive new people to it constantly because the webinar is always there you can you can drive traffic towards that webinar whatever you want to but make sure again that people know that the webinar is pre reported and that the information is available to them on their own schedule.

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