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Inviting your tribe

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April 24, 2020

Video Transcription: So in this video, we're gonna talk about inviting your tribe to the actual webinar this video is brought to you by Appy Pie’s Academy. the quality of your invitation can make a tremendous difference as to the number of people who actually show up for the webinar itself so this is an invitation to a sales webinar but notice it doesn't say sales webinar anywhere on the invitation so the parts of the invitation include a strong headline want to become an app developer on Wednesday I'll show you how simple straightforward but tells people exactly what they're gonna get if you come to this webinar you're gonna learn how to become an app developer when I do an invitation the next line is exactly when the webinar is going to take place beginning time ending time and the time zone I do think it's important to have a beginning and an ending title we don't want people to think this is an endless commitment of their time so we want to show exactly when it begins and what it is we then have some questions that are designed to show people whether or not the webinar is for them I'm not inviting my entire audience to this webinar I only want people who are interested in this specific topic because the product that I'm gonna sell at the end of this webinar is specifically for that part of my audience so have you ever wondered what it takes to build an entire app have you had difficulty deciding which languages are stacks you need to study perhaps you want to get a feel for the app building process so Maya libyans includes people who are interested in learning to program apps people who are interested in digital design and other technical topics so I'm purposely here sorting out people for example who might be interested in digital design and Photoshop and that type of thing I only want the people to show up who are interested in coding apps so then we solve the problem essentially that we presented in the questions in this dynamic one hour at webinar mark will review the process of building a full mobile app using javascript html5 and CSS we give some details in this particular webinar we built the Chicago Transit application which essentially is an app that shows when trains are arriving in the Chicago L and then exactly what they're gonna get what they're how they're gonna benefit.

You'll leave with a better understanding of how the app development process works and what skills you need to build to create apps on your own limited seats are available again giving some limits and some pressure on people to show up or to register now for the webinar limited seats are available we want them to think that there's actual pressure on them to register if they don't register now they're not going to have another opportunity this is not necessarily the case the webinar would probably allow them to what we want to allow them to register at any time well we don't want to do is let them think oh I can forget about this now I'll register later this chances are if they want to register later they're gonna completely forget from here they'll go to a form to register so this is the first email they may get one or two that are essentially the same I might change the verbiage a little bit and shorten it but again drawing them to that registration button nice and big the second most important registration email is the one that comes immediately before the webinar starts and this is we just start in 25 minutes we start in 30 minutes this is an invitation to a different type of webinar but the idea is the same we want to meet we want you to be there we're getting started in just a few minutes the getting started in just a few minutes invitation should go out thirty two minutes to an hour before the webinar and give people that last opportunity to get in the reason for that second invitation is frequently people will last-minute discover oh I have time to show up that email will be a reminder that the webinar is going on all right so to review your email process you want to have a strong headline in your email you want to tell them exactly who the webinar is for and who it's not for you want to pres exactly when the webinar is taking place a beginning and ending time but you'll respect when you deliver the webinar and then a description and some way to limit the actual number of seats available or time to register something like that to put some pressure on them to register for the webinar now all right so that's your initial webinar invitation and how you get your tribe to show up for the webinar itself.

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