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Technically setting up the autoresponder in MailChimp

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April 24, 2020

Video Transcription: There are many services that you can use to write your email autoresponder and that's what we're gonna start doing now this video is brought to you by Appy Pie’s Academy. in this case we're gonna use MailChimp why because they have a very good free option with the free option you can do a lot of things and a lot of the other services they're free is only a free trial then you have to pay or it's very limited in some ways so I find that just getting started these guys are good if you're a little bit more advanced in email you can feel very welcomed to set up your autoresponder with any service provider you choose there's no way that I can satisfy everybody because there's about 10 to 15 very good industry standard email service providers that do slightly different things mostly the same things so technically it's relatively easy easy to set up the main challenge is to write accurate sales copy for your autoresponder so let's actually do that we're gonna go inside of my MailChimp and we're going to I'm gonna show you how to technically set it up if you're using a different email service provider no problem yours will be different but very similar in the steps and then once we set it up we're gonna go over the writing of it here we are in my MailChimp of my autoresponder and if you want to create a new one all you would go to is on top you would say automate email and we're on this automated tab here and in the tabs here what you have is an onboarding series let's say and you can create the audience so I would choose my list for example so usually you would have to create a new audience before you do this I'm just going to choose basically an audience of mine and then I can say begin and I've got my autoresponder it's basically you see you can write the emails one by one you can design a gmail and then you can say the trigger for this email for example is one day after subscribers are sent to this email and you can go into the email and you can edit it and you can give it a subject you can say test just for now then you would go and say next then you would basically choose a template that you like then you would go next then you would write the body of the email then you will say clicking Save and continue and then when it's all ready so you'll have your design you'll have your writing here you'll have the images and one by one you'll have all these email setup some of them you can remove some of them you can see add another one so you can have a longer and longer autoresponder whatever fits your situation you feel and that's how you technically set it set it up pretty easy actually in the next video we're gonna start actually writing it.

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