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Polls for attendance engagement and knowing who to sell to

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April 24, 2020

Video Transcription: Many of the webinar platforms allow you to create polls for your audience I think polls are a great way to encourage interactivity this video is brought to you by Appy Pie’s Academy. now when you create a poll you want to make sure that everyone votes at the same time and that everyone gets the results it also gives you some way to show your expertise when you can comment on the results of the poll generally you want your polls to be multiple choice and you obviously want them to be relevant to the topic that you're delivering also polls can be a great way to stratify your audience and get more information about the people who are attending here's an example one of the poll questions we frequently ask is do you expect to get training to become a professional developer a within the next 90 days be more than three months from now see more than six months from now maybe D is never the idea here is we can then take that information and use that to figure out who our hottest prospects are and how to lead czar and follow up all of the webinar software that allows you to create polls will also allow you to record the answers and use that for your own marketing intelligence and follow-up so create polls that both encourage people to participate but also provide you with information and insight into the audience that's attending your webinar.

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