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Email marketing for webinars introductions

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April 24, 2020

Video Transcription: With this video, I want to start the section of the course that talks about email marketing for webinars this video is brought to you by Appy Pie’s Academy. email marketing is great because you can invite people to multiple webinars emails have the highest open rates more than people see your updates on Twitter or a lot of social media so email is a great way to re-engage and also warm up your leads through an autoresponder so the way it works is first you have to use all kinds of pay than free ways to get people to your website so that on your website you can collect their email addresses and once you have their email addresses you can send them through a sequence of emails through your newsletter so you'll be able to reach them anytime through email and over time they'll just get your regular email but at first you're gonna have a chance to warm them up with your autoresponder which is a sequence of pre-written emails that come at a regular interval just people can get used to getting your even emails and getting value from your emails and eventually once they get warmed up more and more and more they'll be more likely to come to your first webinar or and second and third and so on until they enroll into becoming clients now in the next few videos I'll walk you through how to set up a autoresponder for if you're trying to sell a service business like maybe you have a marketing agency or some kind of design agency you can easily swap one of the emails for for having the call to action to invite people to your webinar and before we get started I just want to mention a few things some people ask should I write a book in order to generate leads to my webinar and not many people buy books.

If you give books away for free a lot of people who will take your book for free won't really read it because those people often have like hundreds of free books that they got because they know how to get books for free so books are typically not the best way but a free course in case you are selling like an information product sort of like mark a free course is fantastic and let me show you how actually mark does it you can check out Mark's website its framework what you see is when you up when a person comes to the website bookmark does it says hey you can get your free certification now for free and people are like oh okay it's free what you get is you basically get a free access to a course then you can sign up and start when you sign up for this course mark gets your email you see Martin gets your email and then he's able to send you multiple emails so I would actually recommend doing something like this give something away for free that people actually want without it looking too much like an annoying email collection pop-up this is this is actually probably a nicer less intrusive way and once people get in for free mark gets your email and actually what I would recommend is to enroll in this for free so that you can see the emails that mark sends and you can copy what he does for your own autoresponder in case you have a business similar to his and just to see how he creates the autoresponder that invites people into the webinar you can just basically get his emails and use something extremely similar to what he is doing with these emails because these emails the scripts they're public because everybody gets them right there publicly sent emails so there's no problem taking inspiration from them or learning from what he was doing so that's essentially the strategy is you get people from any way possible free marketing paid marketing into your email list and from your email list you sign you warm people up to be warmer leads once they're warmer leads you invite them into your webinar and the webinar you close the sale.

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