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Difference of email autoresponder and email workflow

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April 24, 2020

Video Transcription: In this video, I want to cover a very common confusion of what an autoresponder and what's a workflow and was the difference between them and this is, of course, email autoresponder email sequence and the workflow email sequence so there's this video is brought to you by Appy Pie’s Academy. two approaches which one is right for you what's the difference we'll start with the outer responder it's very simple it's a free written sequence of emails that you can send out to your new email signups whenever you want maybe on an interval of like daily weekly monthly however you want the key point about it is that it's not smart so like if you you can say the first email can say hello the second email can say hi buy my product the third email can say buy another product but if your customer bought all of your products including that product which is promoted in the third email and the fourth email and the fifth email the autoresponder doesn't know it doesn't dynamically react to what the customers have done. 

It just takes them through a sequence regardless of what the user is done so if the user responds something like I hate you you're stupid stop sending me spam messages and in the next automated email the autoresponder doesn't know that so they said well thank you for being a great customer we love you and so and so and so buy our products and an angers the consumers even more and most people they actually do use the autoresponder because the examples I gave aren't that extreme usually and usually you do want to introduce your business to your clients and it is a an auto responders really are a great way to warm up your leads and will do what's called lead nurturing take them from a cold lead to a little bit of a warmer lead hopefully tell them something I step up in intelligence and also more technically challenging is creating a workflow email this is also pre-written sequence of emails but this sequence of emails adapts to the actions of customers for example let's say they click some link they visited some website then the workflow knows that the next email has to be sent according to what the customer did it's not just blindly gonna send things you're gonna set what the reaction would be so if a customer visited some sales page but didn't buy then you would say hey then the next email would be something like hey so you visited our sales page you didn't buy was there anything wrong so it will adapt to the consumers actions so that's the difference between the autoresponder and the workflow the autoresponders they are easier to setup and they are easier to manage so if you are just starting out learning about how to do email marketing I suggest doing the autoresponder only if you're more advanced and if you have technical ability to set up all the analytics and everything and can handle more complex sales copy writing an email copy writing then workflow is probably a better option for you workflows they take more time to create they're more error-prone because of more complexity so again if you're beginner autoresponder is actually great for you if you are advanced user then workflows.

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