A Step-by-Step Guide to Creating an Autoresponder

Third, fourth, fifth and further emails in your autoresponder

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April 24, 2020

Video Transcription: In the next few emails you don't have to sell hard but you want to build trust and you want to get people to keep opening the emails and learning from you so this video is brought to you by Appy Pie’s Academy. I would mix it up with maybe a case that you were to maybe some tutorials for example let's look at my email number three we're gonna pause it and we're going to edit this email so we can just take a look at what's in here and again I'm just gonna take this and I'm gonna put it into a Word document so you can see better and what I'll do is we'll go over a few of these in this video and then in the downloadable materials of this video you'll actually be able to download the scripts you don't have to take my scripts exactly and I think that would be a mistake if you try to do it exactly or replicate it because I probably have a very different business than you and our customers are different we have to talk to them differently but this is just an example what I'm doing with this email is I'm just addressing a pain point that I know that people have in in my case with starting a business people face this issue of procrastination which ties into greater productivity and they often procrastinate because they're just not motivated enough that's not the only reason people procrastinate but it's a common one and I address it here and the idea for me is to speak to the reader and have the reader go like oh yes yes that's right and then give the answer now a lot of people what they do when they create these outer responders very early in the email.

They'll have some link to go to their website and download some resources or go to the full blog post when I get these kinds of emails as a recipient I don't like it because I don't really want to click off I just want to quickly browse the email read it get value and that's it I don't always want to click and since you're trying to build trust and rapport with your readers you also don't want to make them do extra steps just give value in my case what you'll see is at the end of this message I do try to sell a few things like my productivity book and course it's totally optional not necessary I'll probably end up taking it out just because don't wanna oversell because if they don't trust you yet they're not gonna buy so really the ideal thing is that just just to build trust so if people do procrastinate and I know a lot of them do then I go over a common reasons that people procrastinate and I explain it here and people should go aha yes yes that's my situation and then you see I give solutions usually the solution to the issues above is and I actually go over the solutions and the solutions they can take away well in too many ways my coaching my books and courses like like I mentioned here or you don't have to do at all you can say in the next email we're gonna go over more solutions more things you can do so that they will have a higher chance to read the next email that comes the next day and next email a next email a next email and then they keep opening and then it would every email really if you keep giving them real value and that's not something by the way like for you to say I'm giving value it's for them if they feel value if they like what they're reading they're gonna keep opening more and eventually they're warming up and and as they keep opening and reading more of your emails they're warming up to hiring you with you for your services or buying your products because you're building that trust you're giving them value and you're proving I know what I'm talking about I'm a trustworthy source here and I care about my customers that's why I'm you and you the answers right here in the emails now let's take a look at the fourth email in our workflow now let's take a look at the fourth email in our autoresponder here you see I'm addressing this common issue of 95% of entrepreneurs ask about fundraising and if that's true and it is true maybe they don't ask directly but they certainly wonder about it at some point of the of their process and of course the people reading this will also wonder about it and I try to give a lot in this message because a lot of people when they try to raise money they have one idea in mind some people want to do a crowdfunding some. 

Some people want to do in getting money from investors some people want to do loans or grants and so I actually go over like what my 10 strategies are right here in this paragraph and give it all away not in detail because I cannot possibly go into great detail in one email but I give away all the potential strategies so I'm not holding anything back and again just building trust of course because I'm greedy I have this thing where I'm promoting courses and books but you don't have to do that you just warm them up and eventually later whatever the main thing you want to sell they'll get it eventually as long as you keep giving them ideas of why you're the right person to work with the right business to work with and also creative reasons for how they can use your products or services like in this case I already mentioned this course in my autoresponder sequence earlier but now there's another reason because I addressed the fundraising questions in it as well it's not all just about starting a business it's about raising money so another feature another reminder for the same product the next emails in my autoresponder are kind of more of the same I give marketing tutorials I give tutorials on how to create a website cheaply and easily and all these things how to find the main name so there's no point in me going over it because it's just tutorials just me giving value now what I want to bring your attention to here is this is different this is a case study it's a case study of a million dollar your client that I had that I'm not telling anything here you see there's no real links to anything that I'm promoting it's just a case study showing hey I am good and I can help you too so for example if I'm promoting my coaching services I give a case study of a real client they had with a real product that I explained here and I might as well link to it I could and probably I will in the future but in this case I talked about a real client and see how I write very little per line that's for readability there's no paragraph that's hard to read they're all easy and one follows another and it's almost like a story and it really is a story who's here I'm actually storytelling I talked about this guy who worked as a service provider for like 20 years cleaning people's homes and then he created a cleaning product and then he struggled to sell the cleaning product and then I worked with him over time it actually took like over a year to work together and then eventually we overcame a lot of challenges together I saw him go from struggle I saw him go to success and he ended up just change not only changing his life but the life of his entire family and he deserved it because he was in his 50s when his business finally worked and he was actually trying to make it work since he was about 20 years old and it's very inspirational kind of a story and has a great outcome in the end I'm not gonna read it to you but that's what really happened is he struggled to sell his product and he put on Amazon he was struggling when Amazon and then all of a sudden when he started ranking on Amazon he started making $5000 in my ten thousand dollars a month twenty thousand next month forty thousand next month like seventy thousand next month and just six months before that he was struggling and he was depressed and he was not feeling well and I was with him every step of the way and I worked with him to get him moving forward with that so I tell this case study has a different kind of a email it's not a tutorial it's more inspirational. 

It can happen and I followed this email with another one that says hey it doesn't take a genius it doesn't take money and it doesn't take connections he just takes persistence hard work and resourcefulness that's the next email that comes in the exact text I'll have it in the downloadables in the downloadable material so you can look at it but that's the idea and of course if you see a successful case study and then you explain yes you can do it it doesn't take anything particularly special as long as you work hard here's how now hire me for help that's really good because you've built up the trust in the previous emails people know what to get from you if they're still opening the emails they trust you they like you a little bit at least and then you say okay really I can do this for you it would be silly for them not to engage with you then because you've built up the trust you've built up your credibility and of course who wanted who wouldn't want for you to help them with the same thing everybody would want a million-dollar business who's just starting out so of course they're gonna want to hire you so you can replicate this whole thing for them so that is how you structure your a responder to build trust and to warm up your leads over time which is again lead nurturing and then hopefully at some point of the process of the autoresponder people would start to come to you for you know they will start to buy from you or or get your initial sales consultation whatever you're selling and how many emails should you do this for well some companies have this go on for five emails some companies have this go on for a lot of emails 10 is a good number it gives you a chance to talk about a lot of things build trust and after 10 the emailing does not stop after 10 basically people just get your regular newsletter maybe you send it weekly maybe send it monthly so they don't stop getting emails from you they just go off the autoresponder and get your regular mailings so you continuously have a chances to sell to them anything you're launching anything you're promoting but they are warmer then and they are much more likely to buy that's the whole idea here.

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