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Social Media Auto Post And Scheduling

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July 03, 2020

Video Transcription: In this video I want to introduce you to the revive old posts WordPress plug-in which is one of the industry standard plugins you can almost say this video is brought to you by Appy Pie’s Academy for SEO and getting you a little bit extra social media traffic let me explain how it works when you install this plug-in and I'll walk you through all this in a second when you install it it's going to go through your old posts the post that's most of us forget to promote and forget to keep doing SEO for and posts it for us in an automated fashion on social media so that it revives all posts as the name says and let me walk you through what you would get in the free version and the paid version the free version is great you can promote on Facebook and Twitter and then your other things are paid like linkedin is paid Tumblr Pinterest is paid and if you want to post your Facebook groups that's also paid but really the reason I use this is not only will this get you a little bit of extra traffic but it gives you or older posts extra activity and when you when your older posts have extra little bit of traffic extra a little bit of social sharing they get an SEO boost and this plugin allows you to have that in an automated fashion and while for most people the free version is just enough and it's just fine the paid version also has options for e-commerce like WooCommerce posting and then you get access to more of WordPress media library and other features like that you can read through all the features here but let me walk you through how it works here is a very basic WordPress set up and when you go to plugins you can search for this plug-in like revive old post and the way you would know which plug-in it is is you can see this revive that social and by seeing that you'll know which one it is because you have some other plugins that look similar but this is the one you want you can also tell because they have a lot of installations other plugins here don't have nearly as much installs so when you click install now it's going to install and so it's installed and then you say activate once it's activated you'll get a little pop-up screen like this you see notice on the left side of your WordPress it says this you have that link here now and it sort of has like a starter thing it's gonna walk you through how to get started with it so you click here to get started okay so you click Next and these tabs on top they're gonna be your general setting tabs and you click Next it's gonna walk you through how to do everything you can set up your social media accounts and so on and so on.

Now let's actually set up our Twitter so you can click on Twitter sign in to your Twitter I'm logged in as with my Twitter already so I'm just gonna say authorize this app and we are authorized now this is a blog that's basically there's nothing on this blog it's a blog I set up just for this presentation but we're already connected on Twitter right and when we click on general settings you can take a look at all the things you can do you can set how often you want the posts to go out like a minimum time interval between posts minimum post age maximum post age we all say like 0 just for us and all these other features so we're gonna click Save and then you can also create a custom schedule this is how this happens in the paid version what I'm gonna do is I'm gonna create a test post and I'm just gonna say that's title say test here just for us to test and I'm going to publish this post and in addition to Twitter we're gonna connect our Facebook we're gonna sign in to sign in with Facebook continue as me be this page and let's say done and now it says I link my Facebook account this is my Facebook page and I say ok and we're back here and we've got my twitter and my facebook page linked you can link more accounts but we're good now so we're gonna click start sharing right here and it's gonna say the next share is going to be about 1213 seconds and we're gonna wait wait wait so it says it's shared and we're gonna check this is that post on my Facebook page this is my Facebook page and she got posted with the article and with the picture and you see the share happened on Twitter as well and I'm gonna delete this just because I don't want this it's a test but in your case you're gonna want to keep it and in my case I'm going to click on stop sharing in your case you wouldn't do that you will just keep it going and you will just make sure to set your settings to the interval at which you want to keep posting and this can go on forever in a purely automated fashion completely hands-off getting you more traffic and boosting your SEO so try this plugin the free version is great so I recommend it.

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