How to Turn Your YouTube Videos into Blog Posts

Video is also a blog post transcribed and edited

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July 03, 2020

Video Transcription: Now let's talk about if you have a show if you produce content where you can repurpose meaning posted twice three times four times what kind of formats you can reshuffle it in and the platforms where you can post it because the more platforms you put it on obviously the more traffic you get the more exposure you get this video is brought to you by Appy Pie’s Academy and in something like 2015 it was simpler times because all you had to do was like record a video for youtube transcribe it and edit it and now turn into a blog post and you can take the audio from that in turn it into a podcast and so I call that era simpler times maybe that's like my joke for this video that wasn't all that long ago but now you it's far more complicated because you have first of all growth of live shows YouTube live Facebook live you can go live on Twitter you can go live on Instagram you can go live on tick-tock and whatever and many many other platforms so short video is getting more popular now and you can put it on many many places far more places than before and one challenge is that it's nearly impossible to repurpose everywhere well whereas if you just had a video transcribe it turn it into a podcast you could kind of do that well but now the problem is that if it's live you're more engaging in the moment but usually you don't have the option of editing so you have some bad parts some good part it's live like it might not go well you might forget what you're saying you might be like hmm I just lost my train of thought and you know what that's live like you that's that's right there bad quality video so it's not really good for repurposing because you have a lot of lower quality video but the thing is that if you're live you can live stream to Facebook live YouTube live like you can there's software that allows you to stream it to many many platforms live at the moment so you kind of have to choose are you short form video or are you long-form video and what makes sense for your situation in the past you didn't really have to choose but now you kind of do have to choose and so I don't know what your situation is but try to take all of this into consideration as you think about what's the ideal long-term format that will achieve your goals

I'll give you an example if you have an informational kind of a show when you talk about something well here's like a interesting thing you can do so if you start out by creating like a grand outline like if this was a book for example it'll be like a 500 page book meaning you're giving the subject matter extensive coverage and then for every topic in that outline you just on your schedule every week or every day however frequently you create your content put out short videos and then the videos can go on your social media podcast and YouTube or wherever else you post and it's gonna start getting you traffic growth and branding and of course the transcriptions for those short videos become blog posts in long term what happens is when let's say a year from then when you created all those videos when you created all those blog posts guess what they actually turn into a full course that you can sell and a book that you can sell if you put together the blog's and you know just edit them a little bit but all the content is already there because you've been creating it and the videos so at the same time you created a course in a book but at the same time you've been growing your audience on social media and now you can sell to that audience the only caveat is of course you cannot tell all the content that's already been free so usually what people do in that situation is they just create extra 10 or 20 percent extra insightful content that goes into the paid products the course in the books and so then it makes sense to have it all in one place and most people don't even know that all of this is available on like YouTube or podcasts but they will find it or maybe like Amazon or you udemy or maybe your own site if you sell the course so this is kind of like a grand vision for total content repurposing that gets your branding get your sales and gets you products in the end of the day.

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