How to optimize content with transcription services

Optimize text content creation with transcription services

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July 03, 2020

Video Transcription: In this video I want to introduce you to a productivity software that enables you to talk into a recorder and have that software transcribe that what you're saying immediately in pretty accurately this video is brought to you by our Appy Pie’s Academy now you can put videos on YouTube and get your transcriptions that's also fine but if you're not making videos and if you just want to create text posts but you don't have the time to create them then actually this dragon software can help you with that or you can actually make youtube videos and just upload them privately and download the transcripts from that you have those two options this is a paid option the YouTube solution is a free option so you have this dragon software and you see basically you is just a Productivity software but you can also use it for your home you know because you're talking into the recorder it's not gonna be a perfect blog post because you're gonna because the way we speak is not the way you're right so you would have to give it to an editor and the editor would make it read well and then you'd be able to easily post it so that way the expertise and the material would come from you like let's say you're talking about something complicated which you should be talking about something maybe not complicated but at least insightful deeply insightful about your subject matter otherwise why are you making a blog post because the web was full of low quality low inside posts nobody needs more of those but if you're making some awesome posts then a freelancer can't really write that for you because they don't know your subject matter as well as you do and the way that you mitigate that is that you talking to a recorder and have the video transcribed so the inside in the blog is from you that deep level of insight is preserved but you're not spending a lot of time writing it's gonna take you maybe five or ten or fifteen minutes to talk into that whole recording but it's going to result in a very good blog post if you can have it edited by a freelancer so that way you get the best of both worlds where the blog post has deep expertise is written well and you haven't spent a whole lot of time on it because if you were to write that blogpost it would maybe take you a couple of hours.

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