How to create Photo & images for Free

Photo/image creation

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June 08, 2021

Video Transcription: In this video I want to discuss how to outsource image creation or even when you need to outsource it because sometimes you don't need to outsource it because these days you don't have to be a designer to create cool images this video is brought to you by Appy Pie’s Academy so this is canva it's a free tool it has paid options but it's a tool that you can use almost entirely for free I used this free template and literally you see I got a background here so when you use templates you can use backgrounds you see and I found my background as essentially you see this little blue and like the mountains and it was one of these backgrounds right here you see that's that background and it makes it look very nice then I put some text over that you can literally go into the text and put any text on it and if you want to you can put text here and then you can drag and drop it another image that you already had maybe a photo of yours and this and this you can use in a post for example I use this in a post I'll show you you see that it was my social media post that I posted and then I posted this on somewhere else like Facebook and whatever so very easy you can easily do this you don't necessarily need to hire anyone and it took me maybe five minutes to play around with canva to start getting comfortable creating these images and now I can do a lot with it if you don't want to bother then all you have to do is just go to and hire a freelancer there but really it's gonna cost you five or ten dollars per image which if you're making images every day why not just become good at making them on canva and save yourself the money and really have the flexibility and you don't have to wait a long time because contacting a freelancer paying for the services asking for revisions giving them instructions this takes a lot of time way more time sometimes then it will take to create this now if there's something that you want that you cannot create on your own something more complicated then that's a good time to ask a freelancer but don't ask a freelancer to do something basic like this this is too basic to ask a freelancer and if you want a free repository of images that you can use commercially you can use a website like this it has over 1 million high quality stock images that you can use for free commercially or you can use Google Images.

Just be careful make sure that the images that you use from Google images can be used commercially because not all images from Google images can be used commercially so there's a setting there that you have to check I have a hard time remembering how to get to that place in Google images so all I actually do is I search for Google image advanced search it shows me the first result and it and I get taken to the advanced search and in the advanced search I just want to make sure that free to use share or modify even commercially boom and then I search for my image only then and then I know that either in pixabay or Google images you can find a lot of different images and then use templates and play around with mixing and matching different templates and backgrounds and images and dragging and dropping on canva and then you can come up with some you know it's gonna it's you're not gonna be like Picasso but you're gonna create some images that you can use and actually reuse in future posts as well because some images can be reused so that's image creation really quickly or out sourced  

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