How to build your RT team

How To Build Your Rt Team

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July 03, 2020

Video Transcription: In this video I want to talk about your arty team this video is brought to you by Appy Pie’s Academy what is that it's a team of co-workers or friends or people you know and trust that will help you and whom you help in your turn and they will have multiple people with each multiple accounts across devices their desktop their cell phone whatever and multiple Twitter accounts and so you are going to share on social media important tweets that you want to stay up in the hashtags and this initial Twitter team that are teaching are the ones who are going to retweet you and all these retweets will help you get up in the rankings now that by itself doesn't doesn't guarantee that your step in the rankings but it will definitely help you and make it more likely and you'll have this team and retain it for similar sites maybe with Korra if you familiar with pourer it's a question and answer site work where answers get bumped up if they have a lot of uploads so your team can upload your answers in similar sites where points or something or modes matter so that right away you can go up in the rankings just from your team from your people you know they upload you and then right away that gives you that little extra boost to help you stay up in the rankings and that's really it it's just you have to curate you have to put together your team over time people are who are reliable people who you can help and on whom you can count to help in a timely way it sometimes takes it takes time to find these kind of people but you have to actively look for them when you add them to your team make sure that everybody gets value out of it so that people remain in that team and continue to help each other and over time this will really help you with so many things far beyond Twitter.

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