how I use SocialOomph

How I Use Socialoomph

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July 03, 2020

Video Transcription: Now I want to show you the inside of my social account to see how this social automation works this video is brought to you by Appy Pie’s Academy and so you can manage your existing updates the most of the you connect your networks through here I'll show you that in a second but first I want to show you because my networks already connected I want to show you about the posting and this is the main posting area and you can see all the options so I have managed I can manage existing Q's and as you can see I set up a queue that independently goes on Facebook and you can see if I click Edit that it posts to my here you see the highlighted thing it posts to my facebook group and it also posts to my Facebook page and it could have also posted to my facebook fan page or anything else or my personal account but I didn't want to connect my personal account and then I can also show you that I you can set how frequently you want to post it this is maybe a little bit too aggressively for Facebook but I did it anyway because I really wanted my pages to get more sharing and amplified the ranking of my pages in Google so I am a little bit negligent about irritating people if I was careful about not irritating people I might have said the interval a little bit further apart but I just want to post more so that it can impact my Google ranking for my youtube videos that I post and the links today's post to my website so that that's my reasoning behind that and you can see that I did it for my twitter this is my Twitter again I connected to account what she just want to come sorry I connected one account but I could have connected to you can see that on Twitter and I do the same thing for my Facebook Q and Pinterest and I pre-loaded the tweets once and as you can see they they have 222 updates in them and that means I have 222 queued up tweets and I copied them through through to post on my Twitter or Facebook LinkedIn and Pinterest and then at any time I can add more updates as I'm a count I can just add to the end of the update and also I'll show you another thing that it has is that it has this option of recycling updates which means that when it gets to the number of 222 it just goes back and starts at the first one so it never stops cycling and that's how you do that and then always you can connect more networks I'll show you the networks that you connect see I have LinkedIn Facebook like you already saw that and you can say connect another social account and it gives you these are the social accounts you can connect at the moment you can connect your blog and this thing called torque by the way one pro tip I'm considering is because this does not allow me to connect to Google+ but that one of the other social media automation tools did I'm gonna probably use that for your account to supplement this account that is paid and I'm just gonna use that other quick free account to post on Google+ that way I'll have all the big social networks covered and so this is essentially it whenever you have something new you just add it to the back of the queue and just keeps on cycling and cycling you can see that I'm using a lot of hashtags a lot of hashtags in all of these and all of them have like a unique hashtag that I'm trying to rank for with like tweets see that and so that's pretty much how I made my social media it's pretty simple in one place I can automate all the manager accounts get a lot of sharing social sharing you know the story.

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