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Video editing: b-roll, music

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July 03, 2020

Video Transcription: In this video let's talk about what you can do with video what parts of it to outsource what part of it you can automate and have created for you this video is brought to you by Appy Pie’s Academy and obviously this course is not a video creation course so we're only going to talk about it briefly but I'm gonna walk over some very common options for you so here's an example of a tool that will help you create YouTube videos they have free video templates on and you just put your text on it so it's basically like a DIY video creation platform you don't have to have your face in the videos but you can make the video is kind of like cool looking almost professionally done here's an example on their home page it looks like somebody professional did it and you can look at the templates that they have they have all templates for all kinds of businesses like it's holiday seasonal and all kinds of things and you see on the left side there's a whole lot of things food and beverage billion care also videos for specific platforms for ads a lot of things that you can actually just use and once you become comfortable with this kind of a tool you can just create your videos and it actually is going to be a very fast way to create videos because you don't have to film it you don't you have to do very minor editing it really does a lot for you that's if you don't don't want to be in the video because that's a concern for a lot of people now if you look at the pricing it's not the worst thing in the world $29 a month and you don't have to use this this is just an option and probably for most people like the middle option will probably make sense so for what it is is actually pretty good because it does give you a lot of advanced tools now if you create videos on your own there are some things that you can outsource like b-roll and things like that let me show you what a b-roll is if you're not sure this is an example of a sales page of one of my courses this is a course unrelated to this course you don't have to buy it I'm not promoting it but it's just for you to see so I'm gonna play my promo video here and in the promo video I appear here and what I did is I filmed it and then the freelancer came in and you see he put like this million downloads in yellow so he did these kinds of edits just because I didn't want to do that and if I play the video at some point we're going to see how you know this is a by the way on to speed so it was fast see this is a biro you see what happened there I was talking about something I'm Alex and listening blah blah blah and this is a b-roll also right I talked about how because it's in this biro because this is a mobile app marketing course I talked about how I have a top-selling mobile mobile app marketing book because it's something that gives me Authority in the topic and I'm using that to show potential course buyers that hey I know what I'm talking about and instead of saying.

Hey I know what I'm talking about the b-roll actually shows this so this is something that that freelancer did and the freelancer can also help you with music selection and things like that so that's what a freelancer can help you do and there's different kinds of editing that a freelancer can help with they can maybe take out the arms in your speech or something like that or give you a cool-looking background so for example like here you see in my background I just use a standard blue background but if I use the uniform color that would be considered a green screen the green screen doesn't have to be green but it has to be like a uniform color that's not used anywhere else on the screen then a freelancer can help you find a cool background image so all those things will help you enhance your videos and when you enhance your videos wherever you pose them they just give you better results what more people watch them that watch them longer they buy from them and so on and so on and so on of course a freelancer can make mistakes too it's not magic I often when I hire freelancers for this I often have a lot of back-and-forth conversation of like what should make it look better which be roles to use which be roles don't make sense and so on and so on so so if you're making videos those are the options for you you can either use a third-party tool to create the videos for you or if you film the videos yourself you can have a freelancer make it look nicer with b-roll and music and images.

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