How do I automate my social media posts

Beginning to automate posting on all networks with SocialOomph and similar tools

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July 03, 2020

Video Transcription: Once you become good at creating your content and you're comfortable with it you can begin to outsource and automate the processes this video is brought to you by Appy Pie’s Academy Automation is typically cheaper and faster and more efficient than outsourcing because once you said it you said it and you're done and you essentially have to spend no money on it so let's talk about automation first and let's look at our calendar and let's see what can be automated so let's say you have this Monday yeah so writing 30 minutes of content that's something that potentially either you do or you outsource so that's not that then you have this create a photo post okay that can be automated yeah and so if you're creating posts those posts can be automated and you can create them I'm whole month in advance and then you can use tools one such popular tool is social oomph it's pretty cheap and it will post for you on Twitter reddit Pinterest LinkedIn Facebook a lot of the very popular sites all at once so you'll make a post or you'll make a series of posts for your whole entire month and then it will post the same post and share it across like a bunch of different networks and this one you can see the pricing is quite cheap it's only around fifteen dollars a month and you can even start with a free profile just to see how it works so they have a free version too and a similar tool like this is HootSuite again and that's a similar kind of thing it's a little more robust there it offers a slightly different set of features but it's more or less the same thing a lot of these tools they offer more or less the same thing for us for now we're interested in automating our posts and both of these platforms will do it for you the only things they don't do is like they don't actually do the uploading of your video you have to do the uploading of your video to YouTube for example but if you create a post on Twitter and have a link to the YouTube video that you uploaded then you can schedule that in these tools the same with your blog I mean obviously you have to manage your blog but once a post is live then these tools can promote it for you on social media your YouTube videos and your blog you can actually write at a time that's comfortable for you and you can set a launch date or a publish date anytime you want so you don't have to publish immediately as soon as it's ready you can schedule your YouTube videos you can upload like 5 or 10 YouTube videos at the end of the month and give each one of them an exact publication date so one actually goes live on the 5th maybe one on the 10th one on the 15th and so on and so on.

So you can't have that level of a strict posting schedule if you adhere to the calendar because the calendar will actually tell you when to post them so this way you automate probably around 50 to 70% of all your posts just you start on the 1st of the month and you automate a very big number of posts for the next 30 days now here's the awesome thing because it's all laid out in the calendar and because you have a tool to automate it you can hand this off to a freelancer and in the first month you can teach them how to create a social media posting queue for the entire month and in the second month they'll know exactly what to do all you'll have to do is give them the URLs to post here you'll give them the URLs and they'll actually go and set up everything on that tool so that you don't have to bother with that tool so it's a way to combine automation and now a little bit of outsourcing the only thing that so far we haven't discussed outsourcing is writing your content and filming your videos so let's talk about that next because those can be challenging in terms of outsourcing because sometimes you need your level of expertise your face in the video so let's talk about that in the upcoming videos.

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