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If you are doing this for clients and client education and control

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July 03, 2020

Video Transcription: In this video let's talk about the situation if you're not really doing this for your own business but you're doing this as a freelancer or as part of an agency and you're doing this for clients what's different well this video is brought to you by Appy Pie’s Academy for clients client management yeah you have to manage them is very important because clients will have all sorts of wild ideas of what you should do and what they heard on the internet and what they saw on YouTube and everybody in the you know he's recommending things to them and they have no idea you were the expert and they're gonna tell you to try to do everything and send you on all kinds of wild goose chases and by the way they will want this at cheap prices and by the way they're gonna ask you to generate tales create branding everything else and they will also stress in the end when you try to do everything that they asked you for low prices they will stress out you know if things aren't working because you know they kind of set the stage for things not to work right they kind of just gave you a bunch of random things to achieve and then they stress when that doesn't happen and then guess what's gonna happen ironically they're going to blame you if you don't achieve their goals okay so maybe they won't sales as their main goals but but because they wouldn't let you focus on sales but because because they had all these ideas they asked you to implement you don't achieve your goal and they're gonna say it's your fault it doesn't happen like that would every client but it happens like that with many many clients so this is something to really be careful of so what should you do you gotta explain to your clients everything patiently and many many times because you do have to excuse them because whatever you're helping them with they're not expert in that you were the expert and you have to be patient they're kind of beginner so even though they're paying and they're the boss we should understand you know you're the adult they're the child very often it's like that we cannot tell them that but that's cowardice so you have to discuss what you will do with them discuss with them educate them make them true whose singular goals for what you should achieve if you ask what do you want they're gonna say branding sales everything and everything everything else no you should say what's the main thing okay and then you center all your strategies around that and explain your methods and make sure that they understand ask them do you understand do you agree with it if they agree with it great and then you also have to explain to them while why their ideas could set them back make sure they understand asked literally asked do you understand look at them in the eye see if they're showing acknowledgment if they if they acknowledge the risks of their ideas and they still want to do it that's fine but you will tell them okay but this might take longer this might cost more money is that okay they should say yes that is okay and you put it in writing because remember you're the expert you must be the source of suggestions for the good practices and you're supposed to help them avoid all the random suggestions they'd get from YouTube or wherever else they're getting their bad ideas from and you always have to do this politely and professionally because they are paying and this can be an exercise in patience because it's a waste of time all the time to explain things to them and it's okay to explain him for the first time but about the fifth time and gets old but that's your job yeah that's how you manage your clients make sure you get there okay on everything you Kate them you explain you get them to say okay on everything then you document that and then if they complain in the future you show them those notes those meeting notes where they said okay I acknowledge the risk I still want to do salads ready G X you show them those notes and say hey you chose this I try to talk you out of it that's how you can keep yourself from having these crazy complaints by client by stressed-out clients and have them not become their own worst enemies and not get in the way of you actually doing good work for them so that's how you manage your clients.

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