Automation vs outsourcing vs being present

Automation Vs Outsourcing Vs Being Present

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July 03, 2020

Video Transcription: A part of your social media planning is well the strategies which you're going to use to post your content this video is brought to you by Appy Pie’s Academy there is a few that I'm going to go over now you can entirely automate your posting so you those tools that you can just set like let's say every day of the month or every day of the year even you can say hey on this day or this interval post this and you do this in one day and the tool will do this for you or you can have a freelancer do this for you and actually make the content as well and then there's the idea of being present so let's go over all this and how to weigh it well automation is the easiest and actually cheapest because you don't really have to hire anyone all you do is use a tool a lot of these tools the features you need might not be all free but they're minimally priced like ten dollars a month twenty dollars a month and it's cheaper than hiring a freelancer and it will save you a little bit of time and you can just schedule your posts one day and be done for whatever amount of time you set them for and there are plenty of these tools a couple of examples are HootSuite calm social loop calm and many others they are approximately similar the pricing is approximately similar the features are approximately similar and not identical but similar and there's nothing magical about them you use them they post your content that's it now that's considering that you have content.

How do you create the content you can outsource the content and actual the posting as well by hiring freelancers the problem is that to outsource a lot of content creation is expensive even if it's cheap per post it's expensive because there's many posts many pieces of content many social media platforms and a lot of it doesn't bring that revenue back so you might be doing that at a loss which is not a good idea and keep in mind that social media is about connection especially live sessions so you have to be present okay there's a certain amount of your own presence which will make your social media ideal a lot of social media is best in the moment every once in a while you can add something personal do a live session so really the idea here is that be aware all these three they're good options for you but also be aware don't neglect any one of them and see which combination works well for you and I know many people they're shy to put their face online but social media is you know social you have to be present there so don't just hide in the background think of how you can include at least a little bit being present so that when you do your automation and you do your outsourcing or whatever proportion of your social media is taken up by automation and outsourcing it doesn't look like you're entirely outsourcing it because you're present a part of the time so that's the best way because it's not gonna take too much of your time but being present a little bit maybe do something once a week once every two weeks but your present a little bit it makes the rest of your social media which is outsourced perhaps or automated look like it's also in the moment just so that's something to think about and throughout this course we do talk about how to have the best balance of all of it.

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