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Commentary on Suze Orman the personal finance advice guru

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April 27, 2020

Video Transcription: Of course you're a financial adviser and we know that there is one really popular financial adviser Suze Orman this video is brought to you by Appy Pie’s Academy my mom really loves her all moms love Suze Orman and so their children I guess but you know so tell us the inside story like what Suze Orman the real deal what do you think of her because I think people they see Suzy Orman on TV she's fun she's really entertaining but she also a great advisor like tell us about tell us about her I think it's interesting because sometimes you'll hear people and they kind of poop who are in this thing ya know LeBron and I think those people are looking for you know maybe something really high-level and super sophisticated you know where you've got an algorithm and you're gaming the system and that's not Suzy's gig Suzy's gig is to make personal finance accessible for everybody and so she's not about let's try and make something really crazy and complicated she's about hey let's let's make this simple enough so that you can get it done but complex enough so that it matters it's kind of that toothbrushing example right this is something you want to do on a consistent basis and I think she does a great job of doing that when you can make money entertaining I mean you're already a huge leg up against everybody else and I think the thing that makes her so compelling is she's self-made you know if you if you read her book she started off as a waitress you know she kind of picked around it's not like she just came out of the gate she's got some big fancy degree and you know and we should respect her for that reason she's very very self-made she came through the school of hard knocks the the funding that she got for her first business she lost you know she she invested it she kind of signed on the dotted line with a I can't remember what the brokerage house name was so I won't say it and they put her in a really really risky investment and it was all gone and so it's not like she's lived some charmed life I mean she has to figure out how to do this on her own and I I think she's the real deal I think she makes it super interesting and I think like the thumbs-up thumbs-down thing is I mean that that's how you take it and you you tell somebody no you're not gonna be able to do that but let's be fun about it you're not getting that guard.

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