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October 07, 2020

I: Introduction

The social media marketing strategy refers to the activities that are related to the promotion of a product or service through social media sites. The main objective of this marketing strategy is to build up trust and reputation among the potential customers by engaging them in various social networks like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google Plus etc. It is necessary to understand the audience’s requirements, make them feel special and promote the product or service with the help of social media sites. This type of marketing helps the companies to interact with the customers and make them aware about the latest products/services launched by them.

Many companies around the globe use this strategy for their business promotion and every year new strategies are introduced. The most popular one among them is SEO (Search Engine Optimization), which means that it is a process of increasing the number of visitors of a website. It consists of on-page and off-page activities and works in a way that it promotes a site higher in search results of search engines like Google, Yahoo and Bing.

Social media marketing has become a trend because it helps in building long-lasting relationship with the customers and promotes the website through various online platforms like blogs, forums, discussion groups, social networking sites etc. It is important to build up an effective marketing strategy that can help in targeting new customers and retaining existing ones.

II: Body

A: W3cacheplugin

W3cacheplugin is a free plugin software that allows you to easily add web cache facility to any WordPress site. Web cache plays very important role in improving web performance and increasing load time on any website. It serves as a backup system for your site and saves all the edited files even if the server crashes. It stores the files locally and makes your site accessible even if it is down on web servers. This plugin is really easy to set up and configure and one can add it within the WordPress dashboard.

B: Website Audit

Website audit is a process of analyzing a website from different perspectives like technical, design, content etc. It helps in identifying various issues that need immediate attention and helps in rectifying them to improve user experience of a website. It is a must for a website owner to conduct website audit from time to time because it gives an insight about how well a website is performing. It also helps in developing a comprehensive plan for website improvement and growth. This process involves analyzing performance of a website from different perspectives like visual, accessibility, crawlability, speed etc. The most important aspect of this process is that it helps in understanding how users interact with various elements of a website. The following tools are used for conducting this process:

C: Google Analytics

Google Analytics is a free web analytics tool that helps in collecting data about how users interact with a website. It provides a detailed report about a particular site from different perspectives like traffic sources, page views, bounce rate, conversion rate etc. Understanding how users have been interacting with a website helps in making appropriate changes in its layout so that they can enjoy their experience while visiting your site. Google Analytics provides complete information about visitor’s behavior on a website and its reports provide insights about how users move around on different pages of your site. You can also get insights about which pages were visited by how many users and how much time did they spend on each page.

D: Content Strategy Planner

Content planning is the process of developing content for your site with an aim to enhance its usability and develop trust among visitors. It is necessary to develop an effective plan for content development that can help in taking appropriate decisions regarding content creation, content management and content promotion through online channels like social media sites. A well-planned content strategy helps in gaining more traffic at your site without wasting much time and money spent on its development. A good content strategy planner should be able to work efficiently at all times so that you can easily launch new products or services without wasting much time in planning its content creation.

E: Google Analyticator

Google analyticator is another free plugin for WordPress that lets you view statistics of your site using Google Analytics even if you don’t have an account there. You can easily view traffic sources, referrer, page views, bounce rates etc through this plugin after installing it on your WordPress site.

III: Conclusion

It is necessary to create an effective strategy for promoting your business through social media platforms because it helps in making your product/service visible to maximum number of people at low cost. It also helps in creating brand awareness by showing people how satisfied your existing customers are after using your product/service. Social media marketing requires continuous efforts but once you get success in developing an effective strategy, it will help in acquiring new customers at affordable cost. So, try these tips to build up an effective marketing strategy for promoting your product/service through social media sites.

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