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Quora marketing

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October 07, 2020

I: Introduction

A: Seo and social media marketing strategy

Social media marketing has never been more relevant to online businesses. When Google rolled out their Panda update, it impacted the way that search engines treated content. Sites that had quality content and were run by people who were actively involved in their communities found themselves ranking higher than those that did not. But there were many sites that had plenty of content and a great community, but struggled to get noticed. This is because no matter how well-written your blog entries are or how active you are in the community, if no one knows about your site, they will never be able to read it.

Too often, companies make the mistake of thinking SEO is only about SEO, which is actually a big part of it, but not the whole picture. SEO is very good at creating organic traffic, but it only lasts as long as your site is relevant. Social media can drive traffic to your site on an ongoing basis, even if your site isn’t currently relevant to what Google users are searching for.

SEO is very specific to each site. You have to find the keywords that are relevant to your business, then create content that speaks to search engines so they know your site is relevant to the keywords they are using. Social media does not require this kind of effort. But it does require you to spend time building relationships with other people in the industry, so they trust you enough to share your content with their followers. The more shares you get, the more traffic you get.

II: Body

A: Quora Marketing

Quora is quickly becoming one of my favorite tools for website traffic. It gives users the opportunity to answer questions that are being searched for by millions of people every week. Searching for things like “how do I make money blogging?” or “how do I start an online business?” brings up pages of results, but when you scroll down past the first page, you’ll see most of them are written by people selling ebooks or courses on how to make money blogging. A lot of what they’re saying is true, but like anything else in life, they’re not telling you the whole story.

I answered one of these questions on Quora recently and it took me about 10 minutes. My answer was fairly simple and not overly complicated. I was happy when two days later I saw the view count on the post had reached nearly 500. That was an increase of almost 500% in just two days! And I had received several comments asking me how to get started with exactly what I had recommended in my answer. My answer had become very relevant to someone’s search term. So I replied with links to my site and another Quora post that I had written, hoping that person would leave my post a comment letting me know what they thought about it.

The next day I received over $100 worth of traffic from Quora alone. That’s not including all the shares my answer got on Twitter and Facebook because other people found it while searching on Google. This traffic isn’t going to last forever, but it could lead to a steady stream of traffic over a period of time.

B: Reddit Marketing

Reddit is a very different kind of social media platform that allows users to vote a post up or down based on whether they believe it is worthy of being seen by other people. If other people agree with what you have to say, your post will appear on the front page and get thousands of views from other users who aren’t familiar with Reddit or what you do for a living. On average, a single post on Reddit can get anywhere from 2k – 10k views in a single day depending on how well your post is received by the community at large.

There are two ways you can market yourself on Reddit: by posting directly to a subreddit where you think your target audience hangs out or by commenting on posts from other people who have commented on posts from subreddits where you think your target audience hangs out. I have only tried out the second method so far and have been very successful at getting views from other users who have already submitted content related to what I do. Again, the amount of views I receive from this type of marketing depends entirely on how well my comment gets received by other users. To date, I have received anywhere from 200 – 1000 views per comment I post on other people’s posts in unrelated subreddits. It all depends on whether or not my comment makes sense and adds value to the discussion at hand.

C: Pinterest Marketing

Pinterest marketing takes quite a bit more effort than the other methods I mentioned above, but it can be worth it in the end when you take into consideration how much traffic Pinterest drives every month. People spend hours every week pinning things they like and sharing them with their friends and family through social media platforms like Twitter and Facebook. You can share your pins with others just like anyone else would share your pin by repinning them onto your own board and then using hashtags related to what you do for a living to ensure people who aren’t familiar with Pinterest can find your pin and see what you have pinned in hopes that they might want to use your services or buy something from your store. Another way you can generate traffic from Pinterest is by creating boards around topics related to what you do for a living and inviting users who might be interested in what you have to offer to follow those boards so they see the pins you add every day without having to hunt for them throughout Pinterest itself.

III: Conclusion

Social media marketing is where it’s at when it comes to SEO for small business websites looking for continued traffic after their initial launch phase has ended. As long as you spend time interacting with your customers and gaining visibility through other people’s followers, your site will continue bringing in new visitors for months after its initial launch date.

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