Monetization for your show

Monetization for your show

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October 07, 2020

I: Introduction

Hello there! My name is Mary Scott, and I am the creator of I have been doing SEO for 10 years. I am also a fan of television. Last year, I was looking into ways to make money online, and I decided that I would try to monetize one of my favorite shows. I started watching the show “The Flash” on Universe. The show had not yet been anointed on Netflix or Hulu, so I was forced to watch it on network television.

The first thing that I did to monetize the show was to look on Google for reviews on SEO. I found several reviews posted on different websites, but most of them were written by people who had never done SEO before. They didn’t even mention that they had read reviews of other sites before they wrote their reviews. I was not impressed by their reviews at all.

I needed reviews of reviews, reviews of reviews of reviews.

I decided that instead of just doing reviews of reviews, I would do reviews of reviews of reviews to keep them honest. I set up a website that allowed people to post reviews about SEO companies, and then I would write my own reviews about their reviews. The website was called

One day, while reading the reviews on, I noticed that someone had mentioned The Flash in a review about SEO companies. The person said that they had watched The Flash and enjoyed it, but the show had too many commercial interruptions and there weren’t enough character development and plot twists.

It occurred to me that if I could get the cast and crew of The Flash to talk to me about their show, then maybe I could get them to give me something to put into my reviews that would help boost my search engine rankings. So, I sent them an email and asked for an interview. Ten days later, I got a call from Andrew Kreisberg, who is an executive producer for The Flash. He wanted to know why I wanted to do an interview with the cast and crew of The Flash.

I told him about Guru-Video and how many people in the world were searching for information about SEO and how much traffic was coming to my site because of their show and how important it was for me to monetize it. He wanted to know if I was going to use the word “monetize” in my interview with the cast and crew of The Flash. He said that he thought that if I used that word in my interview then he would be able to get me a five minute interview with the cast and crew of The Flash.

I told him that I didn’t think he should worry about the word “monetize” because it wasn’t a bad word and people didn’t use it in a bad way. He told me that he thought that Disney owned the word “monetize” because the word was featured in every episode of The Mickey Mouse Clubhouse which was a kid’s show from the 1990s. He said that if I used the word “monetize” then he would be able to get me a ten minute interview with the cast and crew of The Flash.

I told him that I didn’t think it mattered what word he used in his interview because people would still be able to see it on YouTube or Vimeo or DailyMotion or Viddler or anywhere else people watched video clips on the internet. That made him angry, so he hung up on me immediately, but he called me back almost immediately because he couldn’t believe that someone would suggest filming an interview with someone who worked in the entertainment industry without getting permission from their manager or agent first. He wanted my contact information so he could give it to his lawyer so she could call me back and tell me that they would do my interview only if I agreed not to share anything that they told me in my interview with anyone else ever again.

I told him that they didn’t need permission from me because they were already doing interviews for their show, but he just kept repeating himself over and over again like when you call your cable company when you are trying to cancel your service and they keep telling you how much you owe them for standard installation fees when you already know all of this information because you have already hung up three times before calling them again.

What happens next will shock you! Read Part 2 here:

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