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October 07, 2020

I: Introduction

Social media marketing has become a very important part of the business strategies in the present world. It helps the companies to reach billions of people in no time and in a very cost efficient manner. A social media team is responsible for the promotion and marketing of the products and services which are provided by the company. This is done by employing different techniques, such as:

a) Posting content on blogs and websites

b) Creating videos and posting it on YouTube

c) Link Building Services with social bookmarks

d) Commenting on other’s blogs with link to your site

e) Posting content on social networking sites with link to your site

f) Posting content on forums and forums with link to your site

II: Body

There are many ways with which you can create an effective and unique social media marketing strategy. But there are some drawbacks of traditional marketing which you need to keep in mind while creating a social media marketing strategy.

The drawbacks of traditional marketing:

1. Low conversion ratio which makes the strategy less effective.

2. One-way communication i.e. you are communicating but not getting any response from the customers.

3. Times are changing so fast that customers are looking for something new, innovative and bold. So, before using traditional marketing methods you have to keep this aspect in mind. Traditional marketing is not suitable for every product or service, especially for those which are complex or have many divisions or branches. For example, if you are running a business which deals in six different sectors then how will you promote each sector separately? So, before choosing traditional marketing you have to check whether your business can handle these restrictions or not. If not then social media marketing is your best option. Moreover, it is much cost effective than traditional marketing because it reduces the cost associated with updating ads in newspapers, journals etc.

III: Conclusion

Social media marketing strategy is becoming increasingly important day by day because of its effectiveness, cost efficiency and easy access to customers. You can use this technique to promote your business in a better way and get higher results in lesser time period.

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