How to get more views on YouTube 2

How to get more views on YouTube 2

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October 07, 2020

I: Introduction:

I: The first step is to give a general overview of what social media marketing is. The introduction should be no more than one paragraph and quickly explain the purpose of the rest of the article. You may want to include a definition or description of social media marketing as well as why it is important to your audience.

II: Body:

I. The body of your article should provide details on how to use social media marketing to increase the number of views on youtube videos. The key points that you will want to cover here include:

A. The first point should explain why youtube is an effective platform for social media marketing and what the benefits are to using this platform for business purposes.

1. The first benefit should be that youtube is a free platform and therefore free to use. Many people do not realize that there is no cost for using this service as a business and as such, it is very popular with small businesses as well as even some larger corporations.

2. Another reason that youtube is so effective as a marketing tool is that it is highly flexible and can be customized to fit your needs exactly. For example, you can choose the length of your video and whether or not you want to display any ads at the end. You can also choose whether or not you want to allow users to comment on your videos and whether to allow embedding on other websites. This flexibility makes youtube a very powerful tool for businesses of all sizes.

B. Now that you have explained the benefits of youtube, the next step is to talk about how you can actually use Youtube effectively as a marketing tool. In order to do this, you need to provide some specific examples of how businesses have used this platform to increase their online traffic and ultimately, their profits. Some possible points that you might want to include here include:

1. Use a catchy title and a short description for your youtube video in order to encourage viewers to watch the whole thing

2. Make sure you have a professional looking video since this will help convince people to watch your video in its entirety

3. Make sure your video is interesting as well as informative as this will encourage viewers not only to watch your video but also to share it with others as well as link back to it from their own website

4. Select a suitable category for your video as this will help others find it when they are searching for videos related to your topic. One way to do this is by including keywords in your title and description that are relevant to the topic of your video.

C. Finally, you should conclude by explaining why youtube marketing is beneficial for businesses large or small and why it will be especially effective for your audience. You may want to include some specific tips for newbie business owners about how they can use youtube effectively or why hiring an expert will be beneficial for them over trying to do everything themselves.

III Conclusion:

I: You should conclude by briefly repeating some of the key points that you made throughout your article and tying the whole thing together with one final sentence that sums up the main ideas that you presented throughout the body of your article.

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