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How Event Listings Get Promoted Nowadays

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July 03, 2020

Video Transcription: A lot of people think that social media marketing takes a lot of time and it's very time-consuming and it can be if you were disorganized but in this video let's examine how long each type of posting takes this video is brought to you by our Appy Pie’s Academy and how much time you should really expect to spend on it so is it really too time-consuming to be social well to make a photo post maybe some text photo and a link that takes five minutes on something like canva comm they have templates they have pictures they have all kinds of things for you once you become good at it it takes you five minutes you can do that on your break next maybe five to thirty minutes to record a video and edit it that's all in that time once you become quick and maybe 30 extra minutes for promotion and writing the headline and writing the copy and all that and the description then it might take about five minutes to create a vlog and the vlog has no real editing there's not there's usually less editing then polished pre-recorded videos and usually there's a little bit less promotion then pre-recorded videos because vlogs they just have a slightly different strategy but you could spend some time with the marketing of it but really the recording and editing is a lot faster than traditional pre-recorded videos and then if you have a live session like a YouTube live Facebook live it will take you 15 minutes to two hours depending on how long you plan to do your live session so they can be quick they can be webinar size or length so it's up to you and of course if you want to create a podcast episode it will take you about one to two hours to record edit and upload.

The whole thing now again you don't have to do everything you can just do some things notice that the five minute post you can go on social media those you can do every day it takes you literally no time you can do during your break and the video recordings you can do maybe one or two a week it shouldn't take tremendous amount of the time out of your day and if you want to go alive if you don't want to spend too much time it also does not have to take a tremendous amount of time especially if you do it on different days of the week now here's the challenge people when people start out it does not take them five minutes to create a photo post takes a lot longer it means that in the beginning ramped up slowly and know that you're not going full-speed you're just learning the platform these figures do not apply to learning these figures apply to when you become good but to become good just start little by little by little don't put too much pressure on yourself because otherwise you'll start getting frustrated that you know all these influencers with millions of followers are doing it so good and you're so slow and you're gonna be hard on yourself and it's gonna contribute to your quitting and from frustration so take it easy on yourself learn how to do these first become good at it and then actually that the time to post and create content will become shorter and shorter writing is similar although for writing it was hard to come up with an exact number because some people write really fast and some people it takes them a whole day to create a blog post and there's a huge range in that that I've seen from my clients so writing really you should gauge however long it takes you to write if it takes you too long to write maybe writing is not ideal because it would become expensive in terms of time but again if you can learn it and over time become better and better and faster and faster without sacrificing quality then that's also fine to do but overall you see it doesn't take a tremendous amount of time but if you do this by the way this is like you'll be doing everything podcasts YouTube's going live Instagram I mean this is like everything social media really on just a tiny bit of everyday.

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