How a professional would approach promotion of a single YouTube video

How a professional would approach promotion of a single YouTube video

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October 07, 2020

I: Introduction

Social media is a useful form of marketing that is utilized by small businesses. A small business can use social media to market products and services, gain followers, and generate leads. Small businesses should use social media to increase brand awareness for their products or services. Social media can help build a brand’s image by increasing the number of followers, who are more likely to purchase goods or services from the business.

Social media can also be used for lead generation, which is the process of creating interest in a product or service. Social media can be used to generate leads by posting attractive content that encourages consumers to contact the business about the product or service.

Social media marketing is an extremely powerful tool that can greatly increase a small business’s visibility in its target market. Social media marketing allows a small business to connect with consumers in a way that was not previously possible in a cost effective manner. The American Marketing Association defines social media as “the use of electronic platforms and other forms of new media for interactive communication among organizations and individuals, where participants create, share, or exchange information about themselves and their social relationships in virtual communities and networks” (AMA, 2014). Social media is used by 93% of marketers because it is an efficient method of communicating with consumers (AMA, 2014). In addition to communicating with consumers, social media can be used to promote a business’s products or services.

An online presence is necessary for a small business to be successful in the marketplace. The importance of having a website has been stressed in several industries including tourism and retail. For these industries, websites have become crucial in attracting customers.

In order for a small business to have a successful online presence, they must utilize social media marketing strategies. Marketing strategies are used to spread information about a business’s products and services. Once the strategy is established, small businesses can utilize social media sites such as Facebook and Twitter to interact with consumers and market their products and services.

II: Body

When using social media for promoting a single youtube video, there are several methods that professionals use to market their projects. The various social media strategies include: 7-9 posts per day on Facebook and Twitter; one post every 48 hours on Instagram; and one post every 2 weeks on Google+. The focus should be on quality rather than quantity when posting on these sites. One post every two weeks might seem like too little but it should be balanced out by other content such as photos and personal contacts (Nishitatakahashi, 2015).

The next step in using social media successfully is utilizing hashtags. Hashtags are keywords that tie together similar content. These keywords can be found using places such as Google Trends and Facebook Graph Search (Nishitatakahashi, 2015). Hashtags can help spread content about a product or service within specific niches or geographic areas. Using hashtags will help push your content onto trending topics so that others will see it and possibly repost it. Hashtags also allow for more information about the video to be shared such as the length of time it took to make, how much money it cost to produce, who produced it, etc. It is important to ensure that the hashtag is related to the video’s content so people will be interested in viewing it. For example, if you were producing a video about dogs then you would want to use hashtags such as #dogs, #dogvideos, #doglovers, etc.

It is also important to ensure that your content is unique so that you will gain more viewers. If your film is very similar to another video then viewers will not watch yours because they have already seen it before. This also applies to pictures that are being posted on social media sites. You want to have original pictures available that are not just taken from other sites. There are numerous sites available nowadays where users can download free images legally (Humans of New York, 2016). By using these images you are not violating copyright laws because you are not selling anything. When using your own images make sure that you are giving credit to yourself by tagging yourself or your company in the photo (Humans of New York, 2016). Another tip is to always try and upload new content on a regular basis. Repeat posts do not really gain much attention unless it is something that was posted recently but never saw any activity (Humans of New York, 2016). With these tips in mind you should start gaining more viewers for your content over time.

III: Conclusion

Social media marketing is an effective tool for small businesses looking to generate interest in their products or services. Small businesses should engage with their target audience through social media marketing so they can build their brands’ images by increasing their followers who are more likely to purchase goods or services from the business. Small businesses should also use social media for lead generation by posting attractive content that encourages consumers to contact the business about the product or service. Small businesses should use social media marketing strategies including posting seven to nine times per day on Facebook and Twitter; once per week on Instagram; and once every two weeks on Google+. They should also use hashtags when promoting their content so they can connect with niche markets who live nearby or around the world. They should also ensure that their content is unique so they will gain more viewers for their videos over time.

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